Cross Media Campaign launched for the B&P Scholarship Fund

BP-Scholarship-logoHere at TGI, we have a strong bond with the Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School, due to our President, Jack Glacken, who is a very passionate Alum of Monsignor Bonner and Hall of Fame recipient. Because of Jack’s involvement and dedication to the Alumni Association, he was chosen to help lead the B&P Scholarship Fund campaign.

The B&P Scholarship Fund came from a desire to connect with its beloved past to support its future. The school needs enrollment to remain open. There is a list of kids eager to attend B&P but require some fiscal support to do so. The school hoped to bridge that gap.

The result is a campaign driven for each graduating class to sponsor one student each school year, through monetary donations.  Keeping with the past to the future idea, the school has a digital copy of class yearbooks for each person who donates.

To get this campaign up and running, there was a lot of brainstorming, how could TGI do something different, while rewarding those who donate with something special? TGI came up with a cross media campaign integrating print, email, web, social media and video that would surely give back to its supporters, by providing a digital copy of their year book.

2,400 pieces of Direct Mail were sent out to a set of  8 graduated classes. Using Direct mail and integrated media, each Alum would receive personalized letters.

Some of the campaign mediums included:

Print: A 4 page, full color direct mail piece. Personalized graphics were selected for every Alum being contacted. There were 9 variable fields, including; name of the Alum, their school’s crest, graduation year, their class yearbook, and their graduation yearbook picture.

Purls:  A personalized URL led each Alum to their own B&P scholarship fund website.

Landing Page:  Visitors could watch a video, leave an email address or click to donate via a secure online transaction.

Video:  A video of past scholarship recipients played on the directed website, there was a short and a long version of the video.

E-Mail:  Email campaign supported the direct mail piece.

Digital:  Upon donation, they would receive a receipt of their donation and a digital copy of their class yearbook.

The cross media campaign was a hit, and we are looking forward to continuing our work with the B&P Scholarship Fund.

Here are our Initial Results:

  • 7% response rate (measured in  unique visits)
  • 1.7 % landing page click through rate
  • Average gift size $100


“No other School anywhere that we are aware of is doing anything like this…not in the Archdiocese, not in the City, not in the Country….it is completely unique. It demonstrates the exceptional leadership and creativity of TGI, the Team and the BP community….this is one one of the most creative experiments I have ever seen in the entire area of Organizational and Alumni Relations”.
~Anthony J. Mullen, CEO, Royal Star Properties and Chair, Bonner/Prendie

To see  the Direct mailer click here: bp_mailer

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If you are interested in more information about the campaign, or if you would like to make a donation, please visit:

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