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Taking Control of Your Inventory

“The winner is the chef who takes the same ingredients as everyone else and produces the best results.”-Edward De Bono

According to the CMO council, “33% of marketers have no form of inventory management.” We mentioned this to our Inventory Manager, Jack Glacken III, and he was shocked. When asked his opinion about this statistic, he replied, “Content changes constantly, in all aspects of marketing. For financial [for example], you can’t be giving out marketing supplies containing mortgage rates from three years ago. [Marketing for Pharmaceutical as well], what if there is a new side effect to a medication?” These are all things that the people you are marketing to, need to be aware of.jglackeninventory

Most companies order marketing materials in large quantities, allowing time-sensitive information on these marketing materials, to become outdated very quickly. While most companies strive to save funds by ordering marketing materials in larger quantities, they end up paying more for storage or destroy costs.

What if you could order less marketing materials, and also pay less for these smaller quantities? This is something we at TGI focus on, because we are a short run printing company, we offer competitive pricing. With our inventory management system, we have real-time reporting, and historical data tracking to see who ordered in various quantities. With our inventory automation, once the client’s inventory reaches its minimum quantity, an automated email will be sent notifying our client that it is time to order more inventory. This helps us and our clients stay on track of the inventory, saving time, money and all of the hassle of manually tracking down inventory.

“55% of marketers do not have any real time access to inventory on utilization levels” CMO Council 2010quickbin2

TGI developed an efficient system for our fast pick area of the warehouse. Containing the most commonly ordered items from our clients, we have bins that allow for fast ordering and easy access to inventory on demand. Not only is this system quick and easy, it is also cost efficient for our clients. Materials go out quickly and consistently, and with our automated inventory system, the clients know when to reorder their items for the fast pick area.

Taking control of your Inventory is the key to developing a successful business. Now is the time to have more control of your marketing budgets. Put a stop to over-ordering, re-structuring your inventory management system can save thousands of dollars per year. Save time and money, developing a system that works best for your company. Re-evaluate your efforts. Inventory Management may be the key to increasing your sales, workflow and profitability.quickbin1

TGI Tips for Inventory Control:

Here are some tips from Jack for running a successful Inventory Management system:

Real time reporting provides visibility:

  • Who orders and uses inventory the most.
  • How many items are processed and stored.
  • Gauges the amount of inventory necessary for the client.
  • Never lets you be out of stock

Tracking is vital:

  • Know where the items are
  • Know where the items are heading
  • Know the status of the order

But the biggest tip of all, is to select the correct Inventory Management system that works best for your company.

When looking for the right Inventory Management software for your company, look for one that:

  • is easy to use.
  • is right for the amount of inventory that your company requires.
  • has tracking and reporting capabilities
  • has a system with inventory automation.
  • will help your company save time and money

The Little Sisters of the Poor Philadelphia

We are so proud and excited to announce that TGI is being honored with the St. Jeanne Jugan Award from The Little Sisters of the Poor.  The event will be from 1-4 pm at Drexelbrook in Drexel Hill, Pa. on Sunday September 8, 2013.

The Little Sisters of the Poor are an international congregation of Roman Catholic women founded in 1839 by Saint Jeanne Jugan. Their mission is to serve the elderly poor in over 30 countries around the world.

TGI will be receiving the St. Jeanne Jugan Award for our support of the charity with donations in printed materials including printing materials, signage, and marketing materials for various fundraising efforts.

Jeanne Jugan is the foundress and first Little Sister of the Poor. She was beautified by Pope John Paul II on October 3, 1982 and canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on October 11, 2009.

Many TGI employees will be in attendance, along with various contributors, and supporters in the area. We are thrilled to be given this award, and are looking forward to continuing our support of The Little Sisters Of The Poor.

To learn more about The Little Sisters of the Poor Visit:


To make a well appreciated donation, Please Visit:



Stay tuned for event coverage and photos taken at the event!


Interactive Meetings are Successful Meetings

OnlyATMeetings are essential for an organization’s management  and communication. A well-executed meeting can deliver motivation, increased productivity and motivate sales. But the only way any of these are going to be achieved is by creating  a sense of connection between the company and the people who organized on their behalf.

There is nothing worse than an ill-organized meeting, and like our friends at Event Marketer and Proscenium say, “Bad meetings suck! (but they don’t have to!)” Give someone a memorable, outstanding experience from beginning to end, and you will see an engaged and willing meeting participant.

Attendees are shaping the way they connect and interaction is the name of the game! The interactivity  – a giving and receiving between you and your target market- becomes part of the relationship between the individual and your message.

The more forms of media, the better, try to reach your audience on all levels: socially, visually and technologically. The boom of social and digital communication channels gives us dozens of potential touch points to reach out and gain the attendees involvement in the meeting. Integrating digital and print will surely grab your attendee’s attention.

Integrated media is the trend in all content-delivery and offers unique opportunities to show that your company is ahead of the curve. Here are some examples to help grab your attendee’s attention:

Event Registration:
Event invitations can be sent with a link to a webpage to register for the event. After registered, the registrant will receive an email confirmation and an event reminder. Maybe add a QR or AR code as an introduction for the event.

Event Signage:

  • According to Marketing Profs, “When the attendee enters the room, branding creates an air of importance, something that lets the attendee know that this meeting is special,” and we couldn’t agree more, this is where your signage is key!
  • Lead your guests to the event using floor clings and directional signage. This will be a great way to carry out your branding throughout the event space. Create backdrops and posters including vital information about the meeting, and have them coincide with social media for the event.
  • Creating a hash tag for the event lets attendees and organizers interact before, during and after the event. Have attendees “Check-In” or sign in online, this will help gather and compile attendees’ information for future use.

Event Materials:TGI Meeting Planning

The old brochure is no longer likely to engage audiences. Integrated media is the trend in content delivery and offers unique opportunities to show that your company is ahead of the curve.

  • Every meeting has packets – Creative design is essential for engagement and often include: a binder or folder, an itinerary, an introduction of the speaker or your company, a notebook or notebook paper and a pen for taking notes at the meeting. This will not only provide attendee with materials to use during the meeting, it will also help maintain their interest. Go digital and make the event package available as an app or through a microsite created for the meeting.
  • Provide a survey at the end of the event taken electronically via a landing page. Or, send out electronically.

Remember to make it memorable, from start to finish. And don’t forget, if you make it interactive, they will love it! Make it special, new, and out of the box.

TGI at the HP Headquarters in Atlanta

TGI stays on top of the trends, constantly searching for the latest technology. President, Jack Glacken, along with Scott Elfreth, Ron Torney and our Wide Format expert, Dan Long, paid a visit to the HP Headquarters in Atlanta. Their goal was to scope out a new latex printer and the latest in HP equipment.

Dan Long checking out substrates printed on HP Latex Ink Printers

Dan Long checking out substrates printed on HP Latex Ink Printers

While at the HP Headquarters, they went to the Latex Academy to learn about the latest and greatest in Latex printing.

Scott at the Latex Academy

Scott at the Latex Academy


The HP Latex Academy, where our team learned everything about Latex printing.

The HP Latex Academy

They even saw a familiar face on the HP Wall of Fame, TGI President Jack Glacken II.

Jack Glacken's picture on the HP Wall of Fame, Ron and Scott, thank you for your enthusiasm! Cue: eye-roll

Jack Glacken’s picture on the HP Wall of Fame. Thank you for your enthusiasm Ron and Scott, Cue: Eye roll

Our team had a blast at the HP Headquarters in Atlanta. Thank you to our friends at HP for allowing us to visit!

The Ever-Evolving Trade Show Market

The Trade Show market is exploding. As interaction has taken spotlight in the way consumers interact with brands,  trade shows are becoming more and more competitive and creative, and it is important to evolve with the trends going on.

For great success at a trade show, you want to attract, engage and maintain your potential clients’ involvement. Use interactive media, videos, tablets and demos- the old brochure wont do anymore, you need something to really stimulate and engage the audience!


Remember, trade shows, by nature are interactive. Everyone is going there for the reason of interacting face to face with brands, peers and professional community. So BE interactive. Each point of exchange with you can be pleasurable , and will deliver value to the relationship you are building.

The first point of contact is the announcement of your participation at the show. How will you let people know about your involvement at the trade show? Your marketing materials should be smart and interactive; building yourself  and your brand as a destination at the show. For example, a clever direct mail piece with a QR code that links to a landing page to pre-register for the trade show or symposium, offers smart marketing and  a great experience for your client.

A follow up email campaign, from point of registration through show end, builds anticipation about what your booth will offer.


Booth design is crucial to setting the environment your brand will be received in. You want something to be remembered by. Blending digital outreach with new engagement platforms will surely attract potential clients.

Tablets and iPad’s are a huge trend in the trade show market right now. They can be used to demo products and show videos,  either one on one, or for a group of people. CRM programs on tablets are the key to generating leads. “Technology makes it possible to gather in-depth information on attendees’ interests and attitudes. With that data in hand, organizers can gauge whether their event strategy is working and alter it is necessary to help maximize their return on investment..” These programs allow companies to capture client’s information for quick access to the best leads, and create customized plans for each client.


Social Media is a great tool to interact with your audience; Twitter, Facebook, blogs, webpages and video are great tools to capture potential clients. Create a promotion using social media check-in’s and tags. Make sure your handles are visibly displayed, so everyone can interact. You could start a Hashtag discussion for all the potential clients.  This is a sure way to capture your audience’s attention, and also their information for generating leads.

For your next trade show event, map out a plan for your company. Remember you want to attract, engage and maintain your potential clients involvement.  What technologies will you incorporate into your display? How will you announce your participation at the show? Will you use social media to start a discussion with clients?  Start from there, then turn to resources such as Exhibitor Magazine for inspiration and ideas for your next trade show event. Make an IMPACT, and really wow your potential clients.



Cross Media Campaign launched for the B&P Scholarship Fund

BP-Scholarship-logoHere at TGI, we have a strong bond with the Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School, due to our President, Jack Glacken, who is a very passionate Alum of Monsignor Bonner and Hall of Fame recipient. Because of Jack’s involvement and dedication to the Alumni Association, he was chosen to help lead the B&P Scholarship Fund campaign.

The B&P Scholarship Fund came from a desire to connect with its beloved past to support its future. The school needs enrollment to remain open. There is a list of kids eager to attend B&P but require some fiscal support to do so. The school hoped to bridge that gap.

The result is a campaign driven for each graduating class to sponsor one student each school year, through monetary donations.  Keeping with the past to the future idea, the school has a digital copy of class yearbooks for each person who donates.

To get this campaign up and running, there was a lot of brainstorming, how could TGI do something different, while rewarding those who donate with something special? TGI came up with a cross media campaign integrating print, email, web, social media and video that would surely give back to its supporters, by providing a digital copy of their year book.

2,400 pieces of Direct Mail were sent out to a set of  8 graduated classes. Using Direct mail and integrated media, each Alum would receive personalized letters.

Some of the campaign mediums included:

Print: A 4 page, full color direct mail piece. Personalized graphics were selected for every Alum being contacted. There were 9 variable fields, including; name of the Alum, their school’s crest, graduation year, their class yearbook, and their graduation yearbook picture.

Purls:  A personalized URL led each Alum to their own B&P scholarship fund website.

Landing Page:  Visitors could watch a video, leave an email address or click to donate via a secure online transaction.

Video:  A video of past scholarship recipients played on the directed website, there was a short and a long version of the video.

E-Mail:  Email campaign supported the direct mail piece.

Digital:  Upon donation, they would receive a receipt of their donation and a digital copy of their class yearbook.

The cross media campaign was a hit, and we are looking forward to continuing our work with the B&P Scholarship Fund.

Here are our Initial Results:

  • 7% response rate (measured in  unique visits)
  • 1.7 % landing page click through rate
  • Average gift size $100


“No other School anywhere that we are aware of is doing anything like this…not in the Archdiocese, not in the City, not in the Country….it is completely unique. It demonstrates the exceptional leadership and creativity of TGI, the Team and the BP community….this is one one of the most creative experiments I have ever seen in the entire area of Organizational and Alumni Relations”.
~Anthony J. Mullen, CEO, Royal Star Properties and Chair, Bonner/Prendie

To see  the Direct mailer click here: bp_mailer

For more information on TGI’s marketing tools go to: www.tginc.com/tools

If you are interested in more information about the campaign, or if you would like to make a donation, please visit: www.bpscholarshipfund.com.

Print/Direct Mail still Fundraiser’s best friend!

When the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Blue Ribbon Commission recommended the closure of Monsignor Bonner Boys High School and their sister high school Archbishop Prendergast, the only option left for Bonner/Prendergast was to raise as much money as possible in a very short time frame and make an appeal to stay open. Getting in touch with their almost 40,000 alumni would not be easy since they had only successfully collected about 5,000 emails over the years. TGI (Jack Glacken ’71) stepped in and within 3 days had a postcard designed, printed and mailed to almost 35,000 alumni. The postcard was designed by Bosha+Communications (Barb Bosha ’71). Within two weeks Bonner/Prendergast had raised almost 1.4 million dollars from over 2500 donors.

Jack –
We are getting tons of checks, many with the post card tucked inside. I know this mailing will generate thousands of dollars. Thank you!

Kimberly Kelly
Senior Coordinator of Stewardship
Monsignor Bonner/Archbishop Prendergast

For more information about TGI’s marketing tools go to:

Red Sox closer Andrew Bailey & TGI team up to save Kids!

Newly acquired Red Sox closer Andrew Bailey, a South Jersey native, recently called on TGI’s goodwill for the inaugural Bailey Bowl which is one of the Strike 3 Foundation’s fundraising efforts throughout the country to strike out pediatric cancer



Go to www.youtube.com/onlytgi to see video

The 2012 Bailey Bowl was held January 7th, 2012 at The Pinsetter Bowling Alley, Pennsauken,NJ

Proceeds benefit Children’s Hospital