Print/Direct Mail still Fundraiser’s best friend!

When the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Blue Ribbon Commission recommended the closure of Monsignor Bonner Boys High School and their sister high school Archbishop Prendergast, the only option left for Bonner/Prendergast was to raise as much money as possible in a very short time frame and make an appeal to stay open. Getting in touch with their almost 40,000 alumni would not be easy since they had only successfully collected about 5,000 emails over the years. TGI (Jack Glacken ’71) stepped in and within 3 days had a postcard designed, printed and mailed to almost 35,000 alumni. The postcard was designed by Bosha+Communications (Barb Bosha ’71). Within two weeks Bonner/Prendergast had raised almost 1.4 million dollars from over 2500 donors.

Jack –
We are getting tons of checks, many with the post card tucked inside. I know this mailing will generate thousands of dollars. Thank you!

Kimberly Kelly
Senior Coordinator of Stewardship
Monsignor Bonner/Archbishop Prendergast

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