Wide Format is Getting Bigger!

We see wide format every day. Take a look around, you see billboards, signs, decals on cars or buses, it seems as though everywhere you look, there are companies advertising . This is why Wide Format is on the up rise. “With the ubiquity of advertising and digital marketing, customers are looking for innovative, eye-catching ways to promote their brands, and that means wide format. Banners, vehicle wraps and point of purchase displays are all popular items for wide format printers”. (MARC KOENIG, Printing Hub) Companies are looking for something that will capture their audience’s attention, and lets face it, wide format is big, and it’s getting bigger!


Due to the transition to digital printing, printing directly from a digital image to a medium, companies can create a variety of marketing media, using their own digital image. There are so many options for companies to make use of wide format, and for good reason. Digital printing is fast, inexpensive, economical and flexible.

Digital printing can be used on a variety of substrates: fabric, wallpaper, Plexiglas Foam boards,paper, latex, the options are endless! From small businesses to large, companies are seeking the latest and greatest to market their businesses, and wide format is the trend!

From special events and trade shows to every day use, wide format is being used as a great marketing tool. Retail stores, hospitals, college campuses, museums, and pharmaceutical companies are all catching on to the trend.


Here at TGI, one of the most popular forms of wide format here are portable displays. For companies interested in trade shows and event marketing these are relatively inexpensive, they look nice and they allow companies to change their message quickly and easily. These portable displays can be set up in 2 minutes, and are a great option for a company to capture their audience’s attention.

Our Retractable banners are very popular as well, producing them every day here at TGI. The non- retractable banners, or banner stands aregreat options to engage consumers. Typically, 3 ft wide and 7 feet in height, they create a great display option for marketing, and there are many other size options available. The benefit to the non-retractable banners is they can be used as a permanent or semi permanent display, and they can be moved around. So whether it’s a one day sale, holiday display or your company’s every day display, these are a great option for most businesses.


When coming up with a marketing strategy, take your marketing mediums to another level by using wide format. Wide format can be used alone, but for greater impact, Wide Format should be used in conjunction with other forms of marketing media. You have direct mail, handouts, business cards, pamphlets, but to really stand out, incorporate wide format, like a banner stand, wall decals, or maybe a ceiling tile to really send a message. Catch on to this growing trend!

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