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5 Benefits of PhotoTex Wall Art

sliderIt’s no secret that wall graphics, wall coverings, and removable wall art are on the rise for interior decorating, for both residential and corporate use. There are a multitude of options for products, designs, materials, applications, and to be honest- it can be a little overwhelming! Finding the perfect product for your space is the main priority, and during your search you may run into many questions, the main one being; should I use Adhesive Vinyl or PhotoTex? Well, whether you chose PhotoTex or Adhesive Vinyl for your wall graphics, both will adhere to your walls and can be taken down pretty easily. However, there are a few reasons why we would recommend PhotoTex wall art as the better option for many projects that we work on.

Here are 5 benefits of PhotoTex Wall Art:

  1. PhotoTex means no residue: When removing PhotoTex, you won’t damage your walls and it never leaves behind any residue.
  2. PhotoTex is extremely durable: PhotoTex can withstand heat, cold, wind and water. Through any weather or temperature change, PhotoTex doesn’t shrink, curl, rip or wrinkle. This is why PhotoTex is the top choice for decorating Sports Arenas.
  3. No air bubbles, no wrinkles: You know those annoying air bubbles that you can sometimes get when you apply Adhesive Vinyl to a surface? Because of awesome technology, PhotoTex was designed to resist air bubbles and wrinkles.
  4. PhotoTex is Re-usable: If you choose to redecorate or redesign a space, PhotoTex can be removed and reapplied over and over again. When you want PhotoTex to stick, it does, when you need to move it, it will! 100 times over!
  5. PhotoTex is odorless, eco-friendly, and non-toxic: PhotoTex is a green material. It is non-toxic, phthalate-free, and is designed to stick to all low and no-VOC paints. At TGI, PhotoTex is printed on our HP Latex 360 & HP Latex 3000 presses, which both use eco-friendly, water-based industrial inks.

So whether you are considering Wall Coverings for residential or commercial use, the possibilities are endless with PhotoTex. Office spaces, waiting rooms, hotels and hospitals all love PhotoTex, and so will you. For more information about PhotoTex and to test it out, visit our PhotoTex page: www.tginc.com/print/phototex

To see more uses of PhotoTex and to get some inspiration for your marketing campaigns, check out our PhotoTex Board on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/onlyTGI/phototex/ 

If you are interested in using PhotoTex for your business, contact our Wide Format Product Specialist, Dan Long, via email: Dlong@tginc.com

TGI Product Spotlight: PhotoTex

Every so often, an exciting product hits the market that changes the industry and really grabs our attention. When PhotoTex, a self-adhesive fabric, came on the scene in 2004 it ignited a revolution in the peel and stick signage arena, and made up for the shortcomings of your typical vinyl signage. Creating a new range of possibilities for printers, sign makers, exhibition developers and interior designers, PhotoTex remains one of the most exciting developments in the printing industry, and at TGI.

PhotoTex is a revolutionary peel and stick self-adhesive polyester fabric material that can be installed on virtually any flat surface. It can be used indoors and out, in any weather condition, and can be removed and reused many times over. From sports arenas and retail storefronts to interior design, PhotoTex is changing the world of indoor and outdoor signage, and has become one of our favorite offerings.

Here are a few reasons why we are so excited to bring PhotoTex to your Marketing efforts:

Incredible Durability & Easy to Use:

We fell in love with PhotoTex for many reasons; one being that it is incredibly durable. It does not curl, shrink, rip, or wrinkle in almost any weather or temperature change, making it a great addition to our client’s indoor or outdoor signage. We also love that it is so easy to install, can be repositioned and is removable, making it easy to adjust for errors. The adhesive bond is revolutionary; it is extremely strong, yet the material can be peeled away after years in place without leaving any residue, and if kept clean can be reattached elsewhere. No tools or messy adhesives are required for installation, which makes wallpaper and wall graphic installations a breeze.

Super Green & Eco-Friendly:

In addition to the durability and flexibility of PhotoTex, it is also a green and eco-friendly material, which is ideal for hospitals and schools. PhotoTex is odorless, non-toxic & Phthalate-free, and sticks to all low and no VOC paints. It also has no PVC, Glycol-Ether or Formaldehyde. We print on PhotoTex using our HP Latex 360 or HP Latex 3000 printers, which both use the same eco-friendly, water-based, odorless industrial inks.

Endless Capabilities:

PhotoTex can be wrapped around corners and columns, placed on ceilings and walls, and be removed and reused without losing adhesive qualities. This makes the possibilities truly endless. Our clients in every industry can get creative with PhotoTex and we love helping bring their vision to life. Whether in the Retail, Financial, Manufacturing or Pharmaceutical sector, PhotoTex can help grab the attention that your Marketing efforts deserve. 

Using PhotoTex for your Business:

Corporate Offices:

Creativity and collaboration occur within the walls of your workplace, and the décor can directly affect both your clients’ and employees’ engagement and performance. Long gone are the offices with boring white walls, and Interior Designers are turning to PhotoTex to help create a more vibrant, inspiring and successful workplace. PhotoTex can be used in the workplace for lobbies, company timelines, cubicles, door signage, posters, directional signage, conference rooms, company logos, internal communications, workspace décor, and cafeterias.

Stadiums & Sports Arenas:

Grabbing consumer’s attention proves to be challenging, especially in public venues like sports arenas and stadiums. PhotoTex can help make your company’s messaging stand out by placing your messaging on virtually every surface! Cover columns, walls, ceilings, elevator doors, windows, ticketing booths, etc., with your teams logo or your company’s marketing messages.

Hospitals & Health Care:

Create a friendly environment by using PhotoTex in your waiting rooms or throughout your health care facility. Being non-toxic, Phthalate-free, and odorless, PhotoTex is perfect for decorating any medical environment. PhotoTex can be used to decorate ceilings and walls, floors and elevator doors, covering columns, and creating fun environments for Children’s facilities, without the threat of any toxins in the air.


The retail industry is full of constant set-ups and break-downs, rotating campaigns, and ever-changing promotions and sales events. PhotoTex can be used to decorate any space, quickly and effortlessly, and can help your promotions, sales, and events stand out. PhotoTex can be used to decorate any retail space, indoors or outdoors, quickly & easily. Just peel & stick to walls, windows, doors, columns, or endcaps, and you are done.

To see more uses of PhotoTex and to get some inspiration for your marketing campaigns, check out our PhotoTex Board on Pinterest.

Have a question about PhotoTex? Contact our Wide Format Product Specialist, Dan Long, via email: dlong@tginc.com



TGI Unveils New Data Security Compliance


It’s official! After going through a vigorous Third-Party audit process, TGI is proud to announce our successful completion of the Service Organization Controls 2 (SOC2) examination by security audit firm 360 Advanced P.A.

SOC 2 is a series of tested controls built on data, IT infrastructure and building security. The successful completion of the SOC 2 compliance process provides our clients with the confidence that the extensive control systems, infrastructure, and security policies put in place by the audit will safeguard their data. Today, more than ever security is paramount. TGI works for many companies in the Pharmaceutical, Financial, and Manufacturing industries and demand this level of security to ensure their data and reputations are protected. We’ve always strived to provide the highest level of operational excellence for our clients, and now we are able to provide them with the most secure environment possible for their data.

Achieving SOC2 Type 1 level compliance creates many more opportunities than ever for our company and clients, but why? We went to a few people on the TGI team for their thoughts and got these reactions:

“TGI is trusted by our clients to meet their important deadlines on a daily basis. In my many dealings with Financial Companies, I have learned firsthand how important data security is to them. Achieving SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance not only reinforces our commitment to our customers, it also shows our prospects how important data security is to us, as well!” Bob Smith, Account Executive, TGI.

“With all of the data breaches in the news lately, we look, again, to be a leader in our space by demonstrating our commitment to protecting clients’ data. The new SOC 2 Compliance designation provides our clients and employees with the guarantee that they are operating in a safe environment. It is a great addition to our services.” Matt Marcen, Director of Client Services, TGI

“We’ve always focused on delivering cutting-edge marketing solutions utilizing the latest technologies. Our capabilities and technologies continue to evolve, and with all of the information and data that we receive on a daily basis, data security is a huge priority for us. Achieving the SOC2 Type 1 Compliance really validates our commitment to our clients and their safety, and also will open new doors in the future for TGI. We have built great relationships with our clients, and this will help us maintain and strengthen those relationships.” Maura Glacken, Marketing Coordinator, TGI

The employees are proud of this milestone and are celebrating our achievement in our headquarters and remote locations. We have also been sharing the news with our clients. We are thrilled to see such great feedback from them and trust they will spread the news. Here are a few things they are saying:

“Congratulations, TGI! What an exciting accomplishment.
It’s been a pure pleasure working with you and your team to create
and implement the Solutions Portal. Our account execs and their
customers continue to provide rave reviews about the ease-of-use and
timeliness. TGI demonstrated customer focus, resourcefulness, and
flexibility in order to help us develop such an innovative system.
Thank you for your leadership!”

“Congratulations on reaching this extraordinary level of data security. As long time clients of TGI we have the confidence that you have our backs. Thank you for sharing this great news!”

TGI is pleased to share this exciting news with everyone and is anxious to see how our clients feel about this added level of security. Read the official Press Release, and if you have any questions or comments for our TGI Team please email: Marketing@tginc.com

Social Media Campaign Launched for TGI

At TGI, one of our priorities is building and maintaining relationships with our clients. Inspired by the opportunities to learn,
listen and maybe provide some solutions or ideas to our clients, we turned our attention to social media.

In the beginning of the summer, TGI developed a goal to create a content driven social media strategy with the intention of posting articles and blogs about the latest trends in marketing operations and delivery. To execute the strategy, we created a position with attention on social media marketing and digital strategy. Our Marketing Coordinator spent the summer developing content around the services, projects and trends in our company and industry.

Remarkable social media content  and great sales copy are pretty much the same – plain spoken words designed to focus on the needs of the reader, the listener, or the viewer -Brian Clark, Founder, Copyblogger

After a summer of developing content, we were ready to take the project to the next level, by gaining the right following- clients and prospects who we want to stay connected with.

In an effort to gain more client followers on our Social Media, we had to come up with a marketing strategy to show our new Social Media presence. With the artistic knowledge of our Graphic Designer, a graphic was designed to grab the attention of our clients that would be implemented via a cross media campaign, using print, web and email.


The graphic was made to look like a tablet, listing each of the links to TGI’s Social Media channels, encouraging our clients to interact on any of the platforms.

We implemented the graphic in the following ways:
  • To encourage interaction on the web, we sent out an email to all of our clients, including the graphic with interactive links leading to our Social Media, providing a single click to connect with TGI on any of the channels. The email encouraged the client to “get social” with TGI, for fan exclusive content, print, digital and marketing trends and TGI news. This email will be sent out monthly, to ensure our clients remain in contact with us on Social Media.
  • Printing was the fun part, we developed two ideas for print- posters for internal marketing and postcards for the field.
  • The posters are very eye catching and sleek, containing the tablet graphic, with the headline, “Keep in Touch!” in very fine, modern type, with a faded rainbow coloring. TGI produced the 11×17 posters, as flat posters with optional adhesive pop-up easels for standing up on tables, desks and flat surfaces.
  • The postcards again brought the graphic alive. The postcards consisted of the same tablet graphic produced on #130 silk cover, covered with a 5/5 mil. textured satin laminate and die cut with rounded edges giving it a clean, sturdy and striking appearance. On the back of the cars, we included a QR code leading to our TGI Cross Media video, and what looks like silver etching of our logo, and “Keep in Touch” in a bold and scripted font.

We’re excited to be taking our Social Media presence to the next level, and are hoping that this will be another successful Cross Media campaign for TGI, opening new doors for our clients to stay in touch with us. How do you stay in touch with your clients? Have you developed a Social Media strategy for your company?


Now that’s personalization! Video personalization.

TGI is getting ready to launch an email blast with a personalized video for KDI as a follow-up to a recent event they had at the New Jersey Motorsports Park. TGI had created a cross-media campaign (print, email, web, video, telemarketing) for KDI to attract customers and created a personalized video in Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects using UDirect Video software from XMPie out of Israel. For presentation of customization capabilities, the video shown on url below, displays four quadrants of personalization in beginning and then proceeds with actual video.

WilmU Spirit Night Huge Success!

TGI President and Wilmington University Alum Jack Glacken is shown here with (from left) Stacey Stickel, Stefanie Whitby, Gloria Johnson and Cheerleaders from Wilmington University. The Alumni Relations department had organized “Wildcat Spirit Night” at Chick-fil-A in Bear, Delaware this past Wednesday, April 25th. Hundreds of Alumni and WilmU supporters jammed the parking lot and fast food lanes as a portion of all Chick-fil-A sales that night were donated to the WilmU scholarship fund. Free T-shirts and Chick-fil-A toy cows were handed out to Alums and supporters. TGI had helped promote Wildcat Spirit Night by designing and printing posters, postcards, flyers and email blasts.

TGI Gets National Attention!

Repositioning Lessons from TGI

written by Barb Pellow for WhatTheyThink Publication

Philadelphia-based TGI has become a national leader in print and cross-media communications. Founded in 1978 as a typesetter, the company has evolved into an organization that provides superior marketing support services to the Philadelphia region. In 1994, TGI became an early adopter of digital printing with investments in a direct imaging Heidelberg press, HP Indigo Digital Presses, large format devices, and Web-to-print solutions….

Full article as published in 3-14-2012 edition of Title: TGI: Positioning and Rebranding for Cross-Media Success

Abstract: Print service providers can effectively position or re-position themselves for differentiation in today’s market. They can make their businesses stand out and effectively reach their target markets. This article explores how Philadelphia-based TGI has become a national leader in print and cross-media communications.

  • To successfully position its firm and its products, a company must think beyond the product or service and consider the types of people that it hopes to reach.
  • A good market positioning statement tells customers and prospects what makes you unique and clearly outlines the benefits of your products and services.
  • If your company is operating the same way today as it did when it was first started, then you are stagnant and probably losing business.
  • When used effectively, repositioning your brand can help you remain at the forefront of consumers’ minds.


Many factors are causing companies of all sizes to rethink their brand positioning. Changing customer needs, competitive pressures created by new entrants and product innovations, and the proliferation of new channels and promotional campaigns are sending marketers back to the drawing board. Market positioning is the manipulation of a company to create the right perception in the eyes of its target market. If a company’s products and services are well-positioned, they get the right level of attention. This leads to better sales and may enable the company to become the “go to” brand for people who are seeking a particular product or service. Meanwhile, poor positioning can lead to less-than-optimal sales and a dubious reputation.

To successfully position its firm and its products, a company must think beyond the product or service and consider the types of people that it hopes to reach. If you are selling luxury cars, for example, there will be less of a focus on reliability and a greater focus on excitement and enjoyment. If you are a deodorant manufacturer selling to the lower income market, your messaging should position your product as something that contains the same active ingredients at a much lower price.

It’s All about Positioning and Building Your Brand!

Once the hard decisions have been made about products and services, positioning and communicating the essence of your brand is how you differentiate your offerings from others in the minds of your prospects. It’s not your perception that matters—it is the prospect’s perception. A good market positioning statement tells customers and prospects what makes you unique and clearly outlines the benefits of your products and services.

Positioning is important because you are competing for attention amidst all of the noise out there. If you can find a way to stand out with a unique benefit, you have a chance of attracting the attention of prospects. Positioning is a fight for the customer’s mind. When consumers are purchasing products or services related to your portfolio, you want to be the first organization that they think about.

Repositioning Lessons from TGI

How can print service providers effectively position or re-position themselves for differentiation in today’s market? What can you do to make your business stand out and effectively reach your target market?

Philadelphia-based TGI has become a national leader in print and cross-media communications. Founded in 1978 as a typesetter, the company has evolved into an organization that provides superior marketing support services to the Philadelphia region. In 1994, TGI became an early adopter of digital printing with investments in a direct imaging Heidelberg press, HP Indigo Digital Presses, large format devices, and Web-to-print solutions. The firm recognized that long-term success would be linked to the effective delivery of cross-media solutions. In 2008, TGI dedicated its best print salesman to selling cross-media, Web-to-print, and solutions. It changed its name from Today’s Graphics to the TGI Communications Group and began aggressively training all reps for solutions-based selling. The company continued to invest in digital print technologies; it now has an HP Indigo 7000, two 5500s, and a 5000. TGI leverages a number of different software tools, including Mindfire, Pageflex, and InterlinkOne based on marketing campaign requirements.

If your company is operating the same way today as it did when it was first started, then you are stagnant and probably losing business. Change is very important. TGI President Jack Glacken realized that given the changes in the market and his business model, it was time rebrand/reposition the organization to depict a marketing image that would resonate with its target markets. The goal of the effort was to communicate that TGI has the expertise and operations to deliver the broadest range of marketing solutions to its clients… fast. TGI followed a methodical process to rebrand its business both in the eyes of employees and customers. This process included five steps.

1. Accept the Need to Change Your Image

Re-positioning means shifting your thinking and being ready, willing, and able to alter your image. TGI had adjusted its thinking and business model and needed to change the perception of its business internally and externally. Glacken notes, “We were no longer just ink on paper and we needed to communicate that we had become an innovative marketing solutions provider. We were challenged with communicating our story.” To address the problem, TGI hired Michelle Price, a brand specialist who owns and operates Tag Communications, formerly Price Communications. Michelle and her staff worked with the team to truly understand what the brand meant. A company’s brand includes the following components:

  • Your claim of distinction
  • The promises you make to your customer (You can’t pretend to be something you’re not)
  • The tactical execution of your brand, including your tagline, logo, and visuals
  • Positioning that makes sense to your customers and is aligned with your business strategy

2. Understand What Customers and Employees Think

Michelle started the process by talking to people. You need to ask your customers, employees, business partners, and industry experts for their opinions about your company, including its products, services, and brand. Find out what they like and don’t like. Is it easy or difficult to do business with your company? What value do you deliver to them? Do you have good price value? How are you differentiated from other suppliers? How do they feel about your competitors?

3. Make Sure that Messaging Resonates with the Target Customer Base

Part of revamping the TGI business model and brand involved targeting the brand to appeal to a different set of customers. The company needed to ensure that it would resonate with marketers and a tech-savvy audience. It created a new high-tech logo illustrating that marketers could find innovation “only @ TGI.”

Figure 1: TGI’s Rebranded Messaging

TGI’s recreated Website conveys the message that the company has become a partner that can provide a broad array of solutions to help marketers optimize business opportunities. One of the key features is a series of cross-media case histories where customers help TGI tell its story. These case histories review the customer’s challenge, the strategy TGI helped deploy, and the actual business results. There is an up-to-date blog, an array of valuable marketing resources and information, and links to social media.

Figure 2: Screen Shot of TGI’s Website

4. Create an Action Plan and Communicate Effectively

According to Glacken, “We learned that our brand needs to be something that we live every day. We needed to get everyone in the organization on board first.” The action plan included a comprehensive employee communications program as well as an external customer rollout.

The employee rollout included a company-wide luncheon where TGI unveiled its new logo, brochures, pocket folders, and signage. Employees were given polo shirts, tee shirts, and brand essence statement cards.

TGI combined this with an aggressive customer communication program. On March 17, 2011, the company held a Saint Pat’s Symposium that included multiple educational sessions. In addition, it launched a direct mail campaign that included image personalization and personalized URLs linked to a landing site showing videos of the Saint Pat’s Symposium and an offer for DVDs of any of the sessions.

Figure 3: TGI’s Direct Mail Campaign


Communication needs to be an ongoing process. This past holiday season, TGI created a Christmas card campaign that sent holiday greetings using image personalization. It directed recipients to a marketing portal where they could order a personalized calendar or Christmas ornament that TGI created on its flatbed press.

5. Assess the Impact

The benefits of TGI’s campaign have been tremendous. Glacken elaborated, “In the end, rebranding needs to have a positive business impact. Our rebranding brought focus to our salespeople and our company. Our profits are up since March of last year. Our first quarter, which started in November of 2011, was the best in our 35-year history. We are in a position to sell cross-media communications at a higher level. We actually just picked up an account on a monthly retainer. It was time for us to reconsider ourselves, think about how our customers were perceiving us, and then do something about it.”

Market Positioning… It’s Who You Are in The Minds of Your Customers!

Your market position is the place you occupy in the minds of your prospective clients. It’s how customers think of you in relation to your competitors. Adjectives like “established,” “cutting-edge,” “high-quality,” “inexpensive,” “convenient,” or “full-service” are all relative. When they are applied to you and your business, however, these terms can help distinguish you from the competition.

Faced with increased competition, ever-changing market demands, and rapidly disappearing profits, companies of all sizes are working to position (and in many cases re-position) their businesses to improve operational and financial performance. The hard work comes in evaluating your portfolio and ensuring that it meets the needs of your respective customers. Once that is done, you need to find a way to effectively communicate.

If your products and services are properly positioned and your communications are concise, prospective purchasers should immediately recognize your unique benefits. They will then be better able to assess these benefits in relation to competitors’ offerings. Identify your strengths and use them to position your business. When used effectively, repositioning your brand can help you remain at the forefront of consumers’ minds… and this is where you want to be!