Trade Show Follow Up

TGI recently developed both 20 ft and 10 ft trade show booths for our clients at Bloomage Freeda Biopharm, manufacturers of organic products used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and health industries. They were looking for a display with an updated look that could easily be set up with interchangeable graphics.

The system we produced was a success. Now their event team can swap out graphic panels as well as modifying the structure based on the show venue.bloomage Freeda TS

We created a backdrop for two booths:

  • 20 foot booth- Including two graphic panels for a 20 foot display, one graphic for the food supplement market, and one for the cosmetic industry.
  • 10 foot booth- Including two graphic panels for a 10 ft booth, one for the pharmaceutical market and one for the food supplement industry.


According to Ashley Zho, US representative for Bloomage Freeda Biopharm, this new booth has given them an updated look while being extremely easy to use. Interchangeable fabric graphics with interchangeable hardware gives Bloomage Freeda Biopharm the versatility to create an environment targeted to their audience. Now their booth can be changed on the fly depending on messaging and venue size by using a lightweight aluminum tube structure with stretch fabric graphics.  Given the booth’s light weight, the transport and installation is effortless taking only fifteen minutes to setup and breakdown.

As we discussed in last week’s post, The Ever Evolving Trade Show Market, displays need to be creative and engaging to keep the audience connected to the momentum of the show. Booth design is crucial for setting the tone of how your brand will be received. You want something to be remembered by. Blending digital outreach with new engagement platforms will attract potential clients.


A brilliant example of a successful trade show campaign was achieved at the Dscoop 8 Annual Conference. Using “Spark” as its theme, the event venue used innovative graphics with bold colors to capture the audience’s attention. Marrying huge stage backdrops, floor graphics, pole flags and even coordinating the attendee registration kits – the end result made for an unforgettable time.

Remember, to really impress your potential clients, use graphics to foster interaction, but don’t rely solely on the graphics to build your clientele. It is important to be friendly, engaging, and interactive. Encourage clients to be inquisitive about your company. Everyone attending an event is there for the same reasons: face to face with brands, peers and their industry community. So BE interactive. Each point of exchange with you should be pleasurable and will deliver value to the relationship you are building.