TGI Loves Marketing

business teamWe love marketing, every single aspect of it, so this week we are dedicated to our love for all things marketing.

Here are some of the capabilities that we know and love:

We love Wide format printing

The options are seriously endless in Wide format printing. From wall coverings to vehicle wraps, we love it all. We love our HP Latex 3000 and all the new capabilities that it provides to us; high visibility, with low environmental impact and of course great graphics.

We Love Cross Media Marketing

Cross media campaigns combine all the things we love; web, cross-substrate print, mobile, email, social platforms and targeted landing pages. We love the innovation of a great cross media campaign, and the endless opportunities it can provide to communicate with our clients.

We love Marketing Portals 

Marketing Portals make so many projects of ours come together seamlessly. We love eStorefronts because they help with designing, customizing, organizing and ordering marketing materials quickly and easily. Designing, storing and ordering marketing collateral from the same source guarantees consistency in marketing materials.

We love Print

Still after all these years, we love print. We love the emerging technology that allows us to customize, create and print awesome marketing materials. We have come a long way in the print industry, what used to be a typesetting company, is now a broad range marketing company, but we still love to print.

We love technology

From MarCore sites, Cross Media Campaigns, to our HP Latex 3000, we just love all the technology that we have here at TGI. We evolve with the new technology that is offered in the marketing industry, and are still standing because of it.

 For more about our love affair with Technology read our blog: TGI Loves Technology 

Which marketing capabilities do you love?

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