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Super Bowl 50, “Commercial Bowl” Breakdown

Maura Glacken, TGI’s Marketing Coordinator, breaks down a few commercials from Super Bowl 50.

Ah, another Super Bowl came and went. While we are still trying to gain back momentum from Sunday’s festivities, there are a few things that I can’t stop thinking about. Aside from the Bronco’s win, Lady Gaga’s outstanding version of the Star Spangled Banner -Can you say Goosebumps- and the halftime show, the buzz about the commercials seems to continue to be a debate among all marketers and non-marketers alike. It IS the biggest opportunity of the year for advertisers after all, the COMMERCIAL BOWL. So, I spent some time re-watching Sunday’s commercials, and while I am not saying that I’m an expert, these are the ones that I can’t stop thinking about… and no, #Puppymonkeybaby (although- still hilariously replays in my mind) is not one of them.

Here are the summaries and breakdowns of a few commercials that stood out in my mind:

2017 Audi R8: Commander; Shoot for the moon

Summary: A heartwarming, emotional storyline of a sad retired Astronaut finding his love for life again through his son’s new Audi R8.

Breakdown: The cinematic quality of this commercial is outstanding, the storyline; powerful, emotional, inspiring… Pairing this storyline with Bowie’s iconic “Starman” (and only a few weeks after Bowie’s death), mesmerizing, powerful, and took this commercial’s emotional effect to greater heights. This one was definitely memorable, and “Starman” is on repeat in my brain.

Budweiser USA: Not Backing Down

Summary: Budweiser takes on the Craft Beer Revolution to prove that they are “not backing down”.

Breakdown: Taking a more riveting approach than past Super Bowl ads, this year’s Budweiser commercial takes on the Craft Beer Revolution in a powerful, yet playful manner. Budweiser traded in their heartwarming puppy & Clydesdale horse storyline to remind viewers that they have Clydesdales, not ponies, and that they are not backing down. Heavy machinery, extreme weather conditions, powerful and fierce Clydesdales and big venues prove that Budweiser is “ Not Small… Not a Hobby… Not for sipping… Not backing down since 1876”.

My favorite part- an old man at a bar flicks the lemon slice off of his beer glass, because Budweiser’s are “not fruit cups”

Snickers: Marilyn

Summary: Even Hollywood Icons get cranky when they are hungry.

Breakdown: Another trip down memory lane this year as Snickers proves that “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Hollywood Icon, Marilyn Monroe, looks a lot like Willem Defoe when she gets cranky. Donned in pearl earrings, a white dress, and re-creating Monroe’s famous “skirt” scene, Defoe is hysterically cranky before eating his Snickers. Seeing Willem Defoe in a dress while throwing a tantrum is pretty funny, but was this the best Snickers “You’re not you when you’re hungry” ad? That’s up for debate- comment below, which was your favorite?

Mini: Defy Labels

Summary: Mini Clubman defies labels and proves this car is for everyone.

Breakdown: Mini takes on the labels that both celebrities and non-celebrities have had to overcome and use them to defy the stereotypes of the Mini Clubman – a chick car, a cute car, a short man’s car, a gay car, etc. This ad promotes a powerful message to “defy labels” in this creative and simplistic, yet direct commercial for the new Mini Clubman, proving that this car is for everyone. In addition to the powerful message, this ad proves to be the best use of Celebrity, as a series of unexpected cameos are used to Defy labels (Abby Wambach, Serena Williams, Tony Hawk, just to name a few).

Pantene: Strong is Beautiful | Pantene Dad- Do

Summary: NFL dad’s prove that “Girls who spend quality time with their dads grow up to be stronger women”

Breakdown: Dad’s of the NFL; DeAngelo Williams (Pittsburgh Steelers), Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys) and Benjamin Watson (New Orleans Saints); pair up with their daughters in this powerful and heartwarming ad. Each dad is giving their daughter a “Dad-do”, while their daughters giggle in approval, and say the adorable “I love you daddy”. A branch off of Pantene’s ‘Strong is Beautiful’ campaign, the ‘Dad-do’ campaign is meant to promote that “Girls who spend quality time with their dads grow up to be stronger women.” This commercial was powerful and heartwarming and will have a longer lifespan than other Super Bowl ads.

My favorite exchange is at the end of the commercial when DeAngelo Williams hands his daughter, Rhiya Williams, a mirror:

“When you look in the mirror, what do you see?”


“That’s ‘Strong is beautiful’.”

Pantene created a series of extended videos for these ‘Dad-dos’, which consist of hysterical play-by-plays of the NFL dads creating their ‘Dad-dos’:

DeAngelo Williams: Dad-Do #1

Benjamin Watson: Dad-Do #2

Jason Witten: Dad-Do #3

DeAngelo Williams: Dad-Do #4


Shock Top: “Unfiltered Big Game Ad Review”

Although I was not really a big fan of the initial Shock Top Super bowl ad that aired on Sunday, Shock Top takes the win for greatest Super Bowl ad follow-up. Their initial ad was pretty funny, but I felt it got lost in the sea of other Super Bowl ads. So, when I saw the “Unfiltered Big Game Ad Review” pop up on my newsfeed Monday, I just had to watch it. Adding a playful extension to their own ad of exchanged insults, T.J. Miller and the Shock Top orange wedge paired up again to watch and review other commercials from Sunday… the results? Hysterical. Watch as they hilariously take on their Super Bowl ad competitors. “Puppymonkeybaby? He will haunt my dreams for years to come…”


Overall, the ads this year were good, memorable, and hysterical… but there were a few that left me with an Eli Manning reaction– Xifaxan and it’s walking intestine, ENVY’s Opioid-induced constipation, and the snooze fest that was the Persil laundry detergent commercial. FYI- those ads cost $5 million for a 30-second spot this year!

So, what did you think about Super Bowl 2016’s commercials? Which were your favorites? Share in the comment section below!


3 Simple Tips for Hosting an Exciting Corporate Event

Event planning is no easy undertaking. Organizing dozens of tasks, pressing deadlines, managing vendors, communication, and all around multitasking is what you deal with every day in order to pull off an awesome event. And on top of these things, you have to worry about making sure your event is a memorable one. When it comes to planning a successful event, you need to be innovative, utilizing new technology and introducing new ideas to your attendees. So how will you create an innovative and memorable event for your attendees?

Here are 3 simple and useful tips from the TGI Team:
1. Be Consistent: 
Make an impact before, during and after the event by creating a theme to carry out throughout all event messaging and signage.

  • Your pre-event communications should set the tone for the event and build interest, and all communication during the event or following the event should be consistent with your original communications.
  • During the event, branding should make an impact on your attendees throughout all event signage and messaging, this creates an air of importance and helps make a memorable experience.

2. Integrate Media:
Every touch of your event messaging should integrate multiple platforms to help engage attendees and create interaction.

  • Event emails should lead to landing pages or social media platforms to create interest in the event.
  • Printed collateral, such as invitations or save the dates, should include a QR code or Personalized URL (PURL) that leads to the event page, registration page, or maybe a video from one of your speakers.
  • Create a hashtag to use throughout all of your event messaging, this will help get your attendees attention and build excitement before, during and after the event.

3. Get the Team Involved:
Hold a meeting for your staff, and the presenters/panelists for the event. Get them all to contribute on Social Media before, during and after the event by using the event hashtag. When the team shares an inside view or behind the scenes preparation for the event, it builds the excitement for the event.

  • Have staff members start sharing behind the scenes photos before the event: staff meetings, new printed pieces come in, any giveaway items or overall preparation for the event.
  • Get speakers involved by having them guest blog, sharing info about their presentations and event info, or create a video blog on why they think your event will be a great one to attend.

Keeping the conversation going before, during and after an event is key to making your event memorable. Every attendee should leave talking about your event, and anyone who could not attend should be excited for your next event. With TGI by your side you will get a reliable partner who understands the event industry and will be with you every step from start to finish. TGI is a reliable single-source provider for all of the printing and marketing services you need to help promote, conduct, and follow up your event. Whether you are having a monthly sales meeting, exhibiting in a trade show, or conducting a national conference, you can count on our expertise and experience in the event industry to deliver quality products on time and on budget.
To help make your next event a success, download TGI’s FREE event planning checklists and sign up to receive a FREE gift from the TGI Team.


TGI offers exceptional print & marketing services for corporate events:

  • Annual company meeting
  • Award banquets
  • Board or shareholder meetings
  • Charity functions
  • Company parties
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Customer appreciation event
  • Employee appreciation event
  • Fundraiser events
  • Golf outings
  • Happy hours
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Product launch events
  • Sales meeting national/regional
  • Seminars/workshop sessions
  • Trade shows
  • Training sessions
  • VIP events

Bringing Back The Ink and Paper

featureimageTo stay ahead in business, business and marketing professionals alike are constantly searching for the next big marketing campaign to really get their word out there. To be heard, we need to be different, we need to capture the attention of our audience, and we need to think outside of the box. However, sometimes we over think the process and the most effective way to grab the attention of our audience is right in front of us – ink and paper. It may seem a bit “old-school” or “dated” to some, but print media and business go together like PB & J. Our theory on this is, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”, so while some businesses will be quick to disregard this method, especially in this digital world, we will be helping our clients master the fundamentals.

Direct mail marketing offers a return of 1,300 percent.”

We are in a digital world, our inboxes are full, our eyes are constantly on screens of all shapes and sizes, but seeing a piece of paper- that’s like magic! For example, I have only been at work for a few hours, and already in my personal email account I have 83 emails…Yes, really! I get emails all of the time, and unfortunately, many get overlooked or sent IMMEDIATELY to the trash bin or spam folder without questioning it, but print? Anything in print I take a look at, it’s in my hands, grabs my attention- even if for a few moments- and I either hold on to it or throw it away. BUT even though I threw it away, it was a much longer process and that printed piece got my attention, I looked at it, I physically touched it and it made an impact. So now, if I receive an email from the same company that sent me the printed piece, I will be more inclined to read that email.

The feeling of paper can influence the way customers perceive a product, service and brand. It’s called Haptic Perception– recognizing through touch. Printed materials trigger emotions in customers that digital marketing efforts cannot replicate. The tactile quality of fine papers combined with unique printing techniques, trigger emotions and capture the attention of your audience.

“4 out of 5 customers say they read, or at least scan, the direct mail marketing materials they receive and act on them right away” 

So how will you make an impact by using Print in your next Marketing campaign?

Here are a few tips:

Print + Digital = Success: 

Don’t rely solely on Print Marketing for your next campaign, combine print and digital to create a multi-channel campaign. It’s a known fact that when an email campaign is supported with a print piece, it creates a better rate of response than when using email or print alone. Support your email marketing messaging with your printed piece and vice-versa. Incorporate web, cross-substrate print, mobile, email, social media, and targeted landing pages to create more opportunities to communicate with audiences, AND to track the success of your campaign. Remember, the more forms of media, the more interaction and engagement from your clients, so mix up your media in your next marketing campaign.

“Brand awareness is fueled 44% by print & 37% by online media. Incorporate both for even better results.”

Paper is important:

Texture, quality, size, shape, color, fold, weight, packaging, substrate material, these are all things to consider when planning your printed piece. A plain white piece of paper with black ink in an envelope won’t get the same amount of attention as a multi-colored die-cut and folded printed piece. With the amazing printing technology that is out there and the multitude of substrate options, the possibilities are endless! Make an impact, think of your campaign as a whole before selecting your substrate. Are you promoting a new Eco-friendly product for your company, or are you going ‘Green’? Then choose a natural recycled paper that’s printed using eco-friendly, water-based, odorless industrial inks for your direct mailer. If you are having an event, choose an odorless, non-toxic, phthalate-free, green and eco-friendly adhesive material like PhotoTex for your event signage. Your campaign should be consistent, the paper and printed materials should compliment the campaign.

Design matters:

Good design does more than just look good; it’s a branding and marketing tool that really helps to deliver results. The right design should create a great first impression, be memorable, and establish recognition. When it comes to style and decision-making, the number one goal should be consistency. Make sure your design is consistent with your branding, your messaging or your event theme. Branding throughout all marketing materials is the key to making sure your company is being recognized. Every message you send out, should hold true to your branding, but also incorporate the campaign or event theme. Typography, shape, color, texture are all basic elements that matter in creating a successful marketing campaign. Think of the end goal, what message you want to be heard, how you want to be perceived and remembered. A good design is essential to the success of your campaign; so don’t skimp on the details.

Get help from an expert:

Endless substrates, design elements, shipping methods, combining print and digital marketing, there are so many elements to be considered when you create a print marketing campaign. Luckily, veteran printers know what methods of print marketing are most effective. They know the fundamentals; every substrate and packaging method, the basic elements of design, they know which colors work best for each type and color of substrate, and they care about making the most of your print marketing. Choose a company that has a passion and long history in print.

You won’t find many marketing solutions companies who know print the way we do. We believe that choosing the right paper for your project can make a difference. That’s why over the years, we have formed close relationships with many of the finest paper mills and paper merchants. And for our first five issues of our Marketing Hour Magazine, we have worked closely with them in an effort to showcase some unique and quality papers that perhaps you may find will add attraction to your future communications. Need help choosing the perfect paper for your next campaign? We would love to help! Contact us today to get started on your next campaign.

5 Benefits of PhotoTex Wall Art

sliderIt’s no secret that wall graphics, wall coverings, and removable wall art are on the rise for interior decorating, for both residential and corporate use. There are a multitude of options for products, designs, materials, applications, and to be honest- it can be a little overwhelming! Finding the perfect product for your space is the main priority, and during your search you may run into many questions, the main one being; should I use Adhesive Vinyl or PhotoTex? Well, whether you chose PhotoTex or Adhesive Vinyl for your wall graphics, both will adhere to your walls and can be taken down pretty easily. However, there are a few reasons why we would recommend PhotoTex wall art as the better option for many projects that we work on.

Here are 5 benefits of PhotoTex Wall Art:

  1. PhotoTex means no residue: When removing PhotoTex, you won’t damage your walls and it never leaves behind any residue.
  2. PhotoTex is extremely durable: PhotoTex can withstand heat, cold, wind and water. Through any weather or temperature change, PhotoTex doesn’t shrink, curl, rip or wrinkle. This is why PhotoTex is the top choice for decorating Sports Arenas.
  3. No air bubbles, no wrinkles: You know those annoying air bubbles that you can sometimes get when you apply Adhesive Vinyl to a surface? Because of awesome technology, PhotoTex was designed to resist air bubbles and wrinkles.
  4. PhotoTex is Re-usable: If you choose to redecorate or redesign a space, PhotoTex can be removed and reapplied over and over again. When you want PhotoTex to stick, it does, when you need to move it, it will! 100 times over!
  5. PhotoTex is odorless, eco-friendly, and non-toxic: PhotoTex is a green material. It is non-toxic, phthalate-free, and is designed to stick to all low and no-VOC paints. At TGI, PhotoTex is printed on our HP Latex 360 & HP Latex 3000 presses, which both use eco-friendly, water-based industrial inks.

So whether you are considering Wall Coverings for residential or commercial use, the possibilities are endless with PhotoTex. Office spaces, waiting rooms, hotels and hospitals all love PhotoTex, and so will you. For more information about PhotoTex and to test it out, visit our PhotoTex page: www.tginc.com/print/phototex

To see more uses of PhotoTex and to get some inspiration for your marketing campaigns, check out our PhotoTex Board on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/onlyTGI/phototex/ 

If you are interested in using PhotoTex for your business, contact our Wide Format Product Specialist, Dan Long, via email: Dlong@tginc.com

TGI Product Spotlight: PhotoTex

Every so often, an exciting product hits the market that changes the industry and really grabs our attention. When PhotoTex, a self-adhesive fabric, came on the scene in 2004 it ignited a revolution in the peel and stick signage arena, and made up for the shortcomings of your typical vinyl signage. Creating a new range of possibilities for printers, sign makers, exhibition developers and interior designers, PhotoTex remains one of the most exciting developments in the printing industry, and at TGI.

PhotoTex is a revolutionary peel and stick self-adhesive polyester fabric material that can be installed on virtually any flat surface. It can be used indoors and out, in any weather condition, and can be removed and reused many times over. From sports arenas and retail storefronts to interior design, PhotoTex is changing the world of indoor and outdoor signage, and has become one of our favorite offerings.

Here are a few reasons why we are so excited to bring PhotoTex to your Marketing efforts:

Incredible Durability & Easy to Use:

We fell in love with PhotoTex for many reasons; one being that it is incredibly durable. It does not curl, shrink, rip, or wrinkle in almost any weather or temperature change, making it a great addition to our client’s indoor or outdoor signage. We also love that it is so easy to install, can be repositioned and is removable, making it easy to adjust for errors. The adhesive bond is revolutionary; it is extremely strong, yet the material can be peeled away after years in place without leaving any residue, and if kept clean can be reattached elsewhere. No tools or messy adhesives are required for installation, which makes wallpaper and wall graphic installations a breeze.

Super Green & Eco-Friendly:

In addition to the durability and flexibility of PhotoTex, it is also a green and eco-friendly material, which is ideal for hospitals and schools. PhotoTex is odorless, non-toxic & Phthalate-free, and sticks to all low and no VOC paints. It also has no PVC, Glycol-Ether or Formaldehyde. We print on PhotoTex using our HP Latex 360 or HP Latex 3000 printers, which both use the same eco-friendly, water-based, odorless industrial inks.

Endless Capabilities:

PhotoTex can be wrapped around corners and columns, placed on ceilings and walls, and be removed and reused without losing adhesive qualities. This makes the possibilities truly endless. Our clients in every industry can get creative with PhotoTex and we love helping bring their vision to life. Whether in the Retail, Financial, Manufacturing or Pharmaceutical sector, PhotoTex can help grab the attention that your Marketing efforts deserve. 

Using PhotoTex for your Business:

Corporate Offices:

Creativity and collaboration occur within the walls of your workplace, and the décor can directly affect both your clients’ and employees’ engagement and performance. Long gone are the offices with boring white walls, and Interior Designers are turning to PhotoTex to help create a more vibrant, inspiring and successful workplace. PhotoTex can be used in the workplace for lobbies, company timelines, cubicles, door signage, posters, directional signage, conference rooms, company logos, internal communications, workspace décor, and cafeterias.

Stadiums & Sports Arenas:

Grabbing consumer’s attention proves to be challenging, especially in public venues like sports arenas and stadiums. PhotoTex can help make your company’s messaging stand out by placing your messaging on virtually every surface! Cover columns, walls, ceilings, elevator doors, windows, ticketing booths, etc., with your teams logo or your company’s marketing messages.

Hospitals & Health Care:

Create a friendly environment by using PhotoTex in your waiting rooms or throughout your health care facility. Being non-toxic, Phthalate-free, and odorless, PhotoTex is perfect for decorating any medical environment. PhotoTex can be used to decorate ceilings and walls, floors and elevator doors, covering columns, and creating fun environments for Children’s facilities, without the threat of any toxins in the air.


The retail industry is full of constant set-ups and break-downs, rotating campaigns, and ever-changing promotions and sales events. PhotoTex can be used to decorate any space, quickly and effortlessly, and can help your promotions, sales, and events stand out. PhotoTex can be used to decorate any retail space, indoors or outdoors, quickly & easily. Just peel & stick to walls, windows, doors, columns, or endcaps, and you are done.

To see more uses of PhotoTex and to get some inspiration for your marketing campaigns, check out our PhotoTex Board on Pinterest.

Have a question about PhotoTex? Contact our Wide Format Product Specialist, Dan Long, via email: dlong@tginc.com



TGI Unveils New Data Security Compliance


It’s official! After going through a vigorous Third-Party audit process, TGI is proud to announce our successful completion of the Service Organization Controls 2 (SOC2) examination by security audit firm 360 Advanced P.A.

SOC 2 is a series of tested controls built on data, IT infrastructure and building security. The successful completion of the SOC 2 compliance process provides our clients with the confidence that the extensive control systems, infrastructure, and security policies put in place by the audit will safeguard their data. Today, more than ever security is paramount. TGI works for many companies in the Pharmaceutical, Financial, and Manufacturing industries and demand this level of security to ensure their data and reputations are protected. We’ve always strived to provide the highest level of operational excellence for our clients, and now we are able to provide them with the most secure environment possible for their data.

Achieving SOC2 Type 1 level compliance creates many more opportunities than ever for our company and clients, but why? We went to a few people on the TGI team for their thoughts and got these reactions:

“TGI is trusted by our clients to meet their important deadlines on a daily basis. In my many dealings with Financial Companies, I have learned firsthand how important data security is to them. Achieving SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance not only reinforces our commitment to our customers, it also shows our prospects how important data security is to us, as well!” Bob Smith, Account Executive, TGI.

“With all of the data breaches in the news lately, we look, again, to be a leader in our space by demonstrating our commitment to protecting clients’ data. The new SOC 2 Compliance designation provides our clients and employees with the guarantee that they are operating in a safe environment. It is a great addition to our services.” Matt Marcen, Director of Client Services, TGI

“We’ve always focused on delivering cutting-edge marketing solutions utilizing the latest technologies. Our capabilities and technologies continue to evolve, and with all of the information and data that we receive on a daily basis, data security is a huge priority for us. Achieving the SOC2 Type 1 Compliance really validates our commitment to our clients and their safety, and also will open new doors in the future for TGI. We have built great relationships with our clients, and this will help us maintain and strengthen those relationships.” Maura Glacken, Marketing Coordinator, TGI

The employees are proud of this milestone and are celebrating our achievement in our headquarters and remote locations. We have also been sharing the news with our clients. We are thrilled to see such great feedback from them and trust they will spread the news. Here are a few things they are saying:

“Congratulations, TGI! What an exciting accomplishment.
It’s been a pure pleasure working with you and your team to create
and implement the Solutions Portal. Our account execs and their
customers continue to provide rave reviews about the ease-of-use and
timeliness. TGI demonstrated customer focus, resourcefulness, and
flexibility in order to help us develop such an innovative system.
Thank you for your leadership!”

“Congratulations on reaching this extraordinary level of data security. As long time clients of TGI we have the confidence that you have our backs. Thank you for sharing this great news!”

TGI is pleased to share this exciting news with everyone and is anxious to see how our clients feel about this added level of security. Read the official Press Release, and if you have any questions or comments for our TGI Team please email: Marketing@tginc.com

The Millennial Pie

Since the 1960s, marketers have been focused on carving out a piece of the 76 million strong baby boomer spending pie. But a bigger pie is now ready for slicing. There are more than 80 million millennials today and their collective spending power is expected to top $10 trillion over their lifetimes.

Companies like Chipotle, Old Navy, Trader Joe’s, and Smirnoff have figured how to tap into this audience by combining authenticity, social engagement, and a healthy dose of humor. But what if millennials don’t need what you are selling today?

If you wait until they are ready to buy to apply these lessons you are likely to find that a competitor has already gobbled up your piece of pie before you even sit down at the table.

In a recent survey of 500 millennials by NewsCred, 62% noted that they respond more positively to brand messages that are useful and help them solve their unique everyday problems. And when they see and use good content, 62% say they feel more connected and loyal to the brand.

So let’s say you sell investment services, instead of trying to convince them to care now, serve them content about stretching a budget or paying off student loans. They’ll find it useful today and you’ll have a bigger piece of pie later.

Quote of the Week:  
“The old way of looking at the [ marketing ] pie is wrong or at least out of date. The pie is not finite. Today’s pies are nearly infinite and multi-layered.” Gary Korisko

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13 Tips for Protecting your Brand: Phase 2

Article from the March/April Issue of Marketing Hour, Brand Police: Why your brand should be your first line of defense By: Charlie Lunan

After the research and development phase of your brand, it is time to monitor your brand and if necessary, enforce legal action.

A comprehensive brand protection strategy can and should be driven by marketers in close coordination with trademark attorneys. In the first phase, marketers work hand-in-hand with legal counsel to select marks that cannot only be registered, but also defended. In the second phase, they work together to monitor for trademark infringements and other threats, and decide how to respond. After consulting with several sources, we compiled the following checklist.

Phase 2: Monitor and Enforce 

  1. Set up alerts- Set up email alerts on your favorite search engine that will notify you every time your trademark appears on the internet. This can act as an early warning signal of trademark infringement.
  2. Work with distributors- If you sell through retailers and wholesalers, encourage them to report suspicious activity.
  3. Appoint a brand cop- Consider assigning someone in marketing to work part-time, monitoring searches and responding to dealer complaints.
  4. Use the ® and TM symbols- Use these with all registered trademarks, including logos, in all corporate communications, including press releases, logos, signage, advertising and labeling. This will prevent unscrupulous competitors from inadvertently infringing your trademarks, and prove you were actively using and protecting them if you feel compelled to take your claims to court.
  5. Subscribe to a digital brand protection service- Larger companies may want to consider subscribing to a service such as BrandProtect, ChannellQ or Corporation Service C. to set up a custom monitoring and reporting service. Be sure to shop around as these services can cost thousand of dollars per month.
  6. Conduct regular audits- This is a good practice for grooming a company for an acquisition of takeover. Look at every mark you’re using, and consider whether you want to register it. Audits also should check to make sure the company, rather than the founder or someone in marketing who registered an asset in their own name, owns all trademarks.

Taking the right steps to protect your brand will help strengthen your brand in the eyes of your clients. To read more about branding and marketing, sign up for TGI’s newsletters, Marketing Minute and Marketing Hour. Both of our newsletters highlight trends, offer tips and provide insight into today’s marketing strategies.

13 Tips for Protecting your Brand: Phase 1

Article from the March/April Issue of Marketing Hour, Brand Police: Why your brand should be your first line of defense By: Charlie Lunan

With the plethora of information and competition in the marketing world today, it is vital for companies to develop an effective brand protection strategy. Having protection and setting standards for your brand will help protect your brand from the competition, and help to avoid risk of infringement for your brand.

A comprehensive brand protection strategy can and should be driven by marketers in close coordination with trademark attorneys. In the first phase, marketers work hand-in-hand with legal counsel to select marks that cannot only be registered, but also defended. In the second phase, they work together to monitor for trademark infringements and other threats, and decide how to respond. After consulting with several sources, we compiled the following checklist.

Phase 1: Research

  1. Online Research- Conduct an online search to get a sense of what trademarks already are in use in your target market.
  2. Hire a trademark attorney- At some point, you’ll need to call a trademark attorney to conduct a U.S. Patent and Trademark and common law search, since trademark rights in the United States stem not only from registration, but also from use of a mark. An attorney actually may be able to save you a lot of time, money and frustration by dissuading you from registering a trademark that will be difficult to defend. Tip: Trademark attorneys love made-up words, which are easier to protect than generic words.
  3. Conduct a domain name and social media search- If someone already is using your trademark in a URL or as a social media handle, it’s better to know before you choose a mark, since you may have a budget for the cost of buying them out.
  4. Register early- Once you pick a mark you want to protect, register it with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office as soon as possible. Once granted, trademarks are retroactive to the time the application was filed, so you can file the application two to three years before you use it- while your product still is in development. It also puts competitors on notice.
  5. Consider registering trademarks overseas- This is particularly important for companies that anticipate sourcing from or selling in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), where nearly 70 percent of all counterfeit goods seized by U.S. authorities in fiscal 2013 originates. Moreover PRC trademark law does not recognize common law usage, which means a trademark troll could trademark your brand before you even enter the market.
  6. Register for adjacent uses- Consider future brand extensions into new product categories. For example, if you’re a footwear brand, consider registering your trademark for apparel and accessories as well.

Continue to Phase 2: Monitor and Enforce

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TGI Launches New Website

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, TGINC.com. Our website includes a fresh new look and feel, provides more interaction, more videos, and more ways to see what TGI can do for you.

When creating our new website we had a few goals in mind. We wanted our site to be: 
-More user-friendly and interactive.
-A better representation of the variety of new services and products we offer.
-Optimized for mobile.

What we came up with was a highly interactive site, featuring many ways to get to know TGI.

Here are some of our favorite features on our new site
TGI’s new website now has eight videos, including our Identity video, so now you can get to know who we are, what we do, and what TGI can do for you.

Check them out:
Identity video
MarCore video
Cross Media video
Wide Format
General business

Cross Media: 
We added an interactive page for you to test how a TGI Cross Media campaign works. It’s really neat. Click here to see it in action!

Super Wide Format Printing: 
Visitors are able to view our display catalog and Gallery to see what’s new and what we can do.

Interactive Print:
Visitors are able to test our QR Technology. Scan the QR code to lead you to a video with our friend, Joe Conklin.

We were able to successfully carry out all aspects of the new site to create a fresh, innovative, interactive, and easy to use site for our clients. So go ahead, check out the site, and don’t forget to follow us on Social Media!