Holiday Cards that Help the Homeless

 “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” H.Jackson Brown, Jr.

Snow in Quince, Mina Smith-Segal
Snow in Quince, Mina Smith-Segal

As the Holidays are slowly approaching us, this is important to remember. According to, Americans spend nearly $2 billion on Christmas holiday cards each year. If businesses or individuals bought their holiday cards from local organizations, cards sales could generate millions of dollars for these well deserving organizations.

The Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness (PCEH), is running their annual Holiday Card campaign and would love help from the people in our community. The organization teamed up with TGI and local artists, for help with the campaign. The local artists donated artwork featuring iconic Philadelphia landmarks and local scenery, to create beautiful holiday greeting cards that are truly works of art.

Creating a customized card is easy – first, you choose the design,  then choose or write your message, and finally customize the greeting.  Cards can be purchased as singles or as a pack of 10 cards with a standard greeting.

Snow Storm at Logan's Circle, Daniel Cavaliere
Snow Storm at Logan’s Circle, Daniel Cavaliere

The best part about ordering your greeting cards from PCEH is that the proceeds help children who suffer from homelessness. Sales of the cards are critical for supporting Safe Home’s “housing first” program, which focuses on children’s wellbeing. Children who suffer from homelessness are sicker, sadder and slower than other children; Safe Home Philadelphia saves them from that harm.



The Center of Things, William Cantwell
The Center of Things, William Cantwell

So if you are looking for a way to give back this holiday season, look no further!

Please visit to choose your Holiday greeting cards. 

PCEH and TGI want to thank you for helping those in need during the holidays.

For more information on PCEH, visit:

Thank you to the local artists for donating your beautiful artwork:

Joe Barker

Ed Bronstein

Lisa C. Budd

William H. Campbell

William Cantwell

Daniel Cavaliere

Morris Klein

Tracey Landmann

Jim McFarlane

Mina Smith-Segal


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