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Safety messaging for your office

Moving forward, your work place will need more safety messaging and we have you covered.

Let TGI help you be prepared for the new office environment. We have multiple wideformat solutions that will keep your office functioning safely and efficiently.  Submit a request here for safety signs now.

Wall Signage

  • Display important information anywhere
  • Can be used on any surface such as glass, wood, & concrete
  • Easy application, no tools or messy adhesive
  • Can be moved and re-applied over and over again
  • Does not peel, rip, or wrinkle
  • Will not leave a residue after removal
  • Environmentally friendly — nontoxic and safe

  • A-frame Signs

  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to set up
  • Creates great visibilty for foot traffic and entrances
  • Double sided
  • Signs can be folded flat to transport and store

  • Display Easels and Sign Holders

  • Quick assembly
  • Great visibilty
  • Easily change graphics

  • Floor Graphics

  • Create a safer workspace by establishing boundaries
  • Uniquely display friendly and effective reminders
  • Easily removed and applied to any floor surface
  • Does not peel or slide

  • Free Standing Banners

  • Largely display your message at entrances
  • Light weight, easily assembled and can be quickly moved
  • Display messages on both sides
  • 4 Marketing Lessons We Can All Learn From David & Goliath

    Taken from the article, Underdogs: How our Weaknesses can Become our Strengths, by Michael J. Pallerino, in TGI’s May/June issue of Marketing Hour.

    1. Nothing is impossible: David found that weak point in Goliath’s armor, which allowed him to triumph in the battle. You must find the proper approach, and/or bide your time for the right opportunity to take action.

    2. Lead by your actions: David faced his fear and stood his ground, which in turn inspired an entire army. You can inspire your peers and co-workers to new heights through your actions.

    3. Don’t over-complicate things: Remember that David won using very basic tools and a simple approach. This proves that simple solutions almost always are the most effective, even to what initially may appear to be a monstrous problem.

    4. Perspective is everything: David understood the task at hand, even while everybody doubted the outcome. To transform your company, you must transform your perspective of what’s possible given the values and principles that make up your view of your place in the world.

    5 Steps to Enhancing your Marketing Strategy

    In a world inundated with marketing technology, messages and how to receive them, it is hard navigate through it all while maintaining your focus. Developing a powerful marketing strategy can be a daunting task, but taking the right steps can lead you to marketing sophistication. Avoid the pitfalls of marketing by refining your marketing strategy.

    The key to a successful marketing strategy revolves around the database. A centrally held database will help get to know clients better, provide seamless interaction across all platforms, collect data, raise response rates, help give you the freedom to spend more time on other projects, and cut down your marketing budget.

    Here are our 5 steps to enhancing your marketing strategy:

    1. Data Management- The first step should be to capture organize and integrate all possible sources of customer interaction. Who is your audience? How can they be reached? What company do they work for? What is their job title? Gather all of this information, organize it and get ready to interact with your audience.
    2. Targeting- Develop data into actionable insights, and direct your message to your audience. Determine what information should be used to categorize and target your audience, the more categories you use will help you create a more precise target. Targeting your data will be a key factor in the success of your marketing strategy.
    3. Strategy and Planning- Establish your engagement strategy, determine the most effective channels to be used with your audience and formulate a budget. Provide compelling, relevant and timely content to encourage interaction and engagement from prospects and clients. Create flexible content that includes personalized messaging, to engage prospects and customers with laser precision.
    4. Execution- Integrate direct mail, Internet, and mobile communications to deliver tailored individual content seamlessly across channels. Shift from offline to online communication to improve response rates, and directly link print and online media to increase conversion. To ensure that all engagement is measured, create Personalized URLs (purls) for each recipient.
    5. Results- To guarantee your marketing campaign is a successful one; you need to analyze your results. If the results are great, good, or not so much, you can make adjustments to see where you went right or maybe fell off the target. Make sure that all content is measurable, using the same landing page around all content to ensure traceability.

    Using these 5 key steps will help create a powerful marketing strategy for your business. Remember to make your strategy client-centered, and develop your strategy around the needs of your clients. Reach your targeted audience, reach your goals, and connect with TGI.

    Raise Your Glass for Dscoop in Chicago!

    Dscoop (A Cooperative between HP Indigo users and HP) hosted a member party, sponsored by HP, GPA and MindFireInc at Chicago’s Navy Pier’s Lakeview Terrace Rooftop from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. this past Monday, Sept. 12. Our Jack Glacken and hundreds of digital marketing industry leaders enjoyed networking, the beautiful Chicago skyline, and the sound of a famous Chicago band “Hey Jimmy.”