4 Marketing Lessons We Can All Learn From David & Goliath

Taken from the article, Underdogs: How our Weaknesses can Become our Strengths, by Michael J. Pallerino, in TGI’s May/June issue of Marketing Hour.

1. Nothing is impossible: David found that weak point in Goliath’s armor, which allowed him to triumph in the battle. You must find the proper approach, and/or bide your time for the right opportunity to take action.

2. Lead by your actions: David faced his fear and stood his ground, which in turn inspired an entire army. You can inspire your peers and co-workers to new heights through your actions.

3. Don’t over-complicate things: Remember that David won using very basic tools and a simple approach. This proves that simple solutions almost always are the most effective, even to what initially may appear to be a monstrous problem.

4. Perspective is everything: David understood the task at hand, even while everybody doubted the outcome. To transform your company, you must transform your perspective of what’s possible given the values and principles that make up your view of your place in the world.

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