You Can’t Do It Alone

At some time in the life of a small business, someone besides the owner will need to sell the product or service for the firm to be truly successful.

Unfortunately, that’s where the wheels come off the bus for a lot of business owners. While they are continuing to bring in revenue themselves and focusing on a myriad of other important objectives like product development and customer experience, their sales reps are unfocused, not directed, and in far too many cases, unsuccessful.

Whether you are already in this predicament or think you might be someday, here are two things you should do right now:

Create an ideal prospect profile of the types of customers that are the best fit for your business. Include the size, markets, geography, most profitable things they buy, the amount of business they do with you annually, and the positions you target.

Document the process that you use when you sell. Start at the point when you first talk to a prospect.  Include what you say to get their attention, what questions you ask, how you describe the way your business can help them, and what sets you apart from the competition. Make sure that your list includes when and how you use product literature, give demos, offer trials, and anything else that’s a part of your sales cycle.

If you already have reps in place, accompany them on a sales call. See how close they are to your process. If you’re currently hiring, evaluate their ability to follow the processes that are working!

Quote of the Week: “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible… and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” — Francis of Assisi

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