The Importance of Brand Consistency- Going Beyond a Logo!

CoRollem NEWmpanies spend up to millions of dollars developing their brand. When building a brand, companies spend countless hours developing a strategy, look and feel that communicates their message to their audience. That is why when marketing your brand it is vital to be consistent.

To strive for visual cohesion, develop a blue print detailing a number of standards, such as color palette, visual style, font, size and spacing of a logo, and basic styling information for marketing materials. Since the logo is the face of your brand use it to set a standard layout for your branding  that will set the tone for your company.

There are multiple reasons why consistency in branding is fundamental for driving business. Communicating your brand effectively builds trust in your company and can drive customer loyalty and brand enthusiasm. Each time your company delivers a compelling message that is consistent, it earns trust as a voice qualified to deliver that message. On the contrary, when your company delivers an inconsistent message, it can erode trust and devalue your brand. Having consistent branding promotes a strong, significant company and generates authority to trust your business.MarketingManagerPage_Page-1

Branding makes you stand out in your customers’ mind, gives your business personality, and an identity that people can relate to. With strong and consistent branding, your brand’s identity is reinforced which can help drive positive response and trust from your audience.

Your brand should be carried out continually throughout all of your customer facing and internal messaging – from business cards, email marketing and website through to your logo, signage and print collateral. You want to surround your clients and employees with the story of your brand to make sure to deliver a powerful and memorable message. From the office to all marketing materials, everything and everyone should reflect your brand. Encourage your employees and coworkers to embrace your brand and show pride in working for your company, this can help set a tone that you want to communicate to your clients about your brand. Any inconsistency in customer facing and internal messaging can diminish your brand, deterring clients from pursuing your business.

Designing, storing and ordering marketing collateral from the same source, can guarantee that your brand is being controlled in look and quality, and can continue the consistency needed to drive business.

Using marketing portals can help with corporate structure, and organization of your brand. TGI has been working with companies to exert more brand control by building MarCore marketing portals- powerful eCommerce solutions that help assist the distribution of branded marketing materials. Executed by corporate headquarters or marketing departments for use by field personnel or distributors, the cloud-based solution permits administrators to enforce brand and compliance standards, while allowing the end-users to customize marketing materials quickly and easily.

Portals range from simple to complex. Basic sites contain promotional literature, business cards, brochures and branded merchandise. More robust sites house thousands of items with complex logic that customizes documents based on login and preferences. A growing number of portals include preset electronic media campaigns that incorporate micro-sites, web banners, ads, emails and also video for ultimate impact. So whether end users are ordering physical merchandise or electronic media they can now order it all in one place.

Creating a portal declares brand integrity. By developing and setting out standards, using a portal provides one place for all company approved materials.

Developing a consistent brand will keep your clients coming back for more, so be an example to your clients. Show your brand’s integrity, and make your company stand out, by being consistent with your branding. Thorough branding efficiently delivers and reinforces your key messaging, makes your company stand out as a trustworthy business, and ensures that your business will be remembered.

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