TGI Opening the Doors for SUPER Wide Format

Last week, TGI received a BIG delivery, our HP Latex 3000 Printer!image

TGI is no stranger to wide format printing, having been in the wide format printing business for a number of years, but this HP Latex 3000 Printer will open our doors to SUPER wide format printing.

By switching from wide format printing to super wide format printing, we can print larger materials, at higher speeds, with incredible quality and competitive prices. This printer combines high volume and high quality printing, with all the environmental benefits of water-based inks. The environmental aspect is incredible, improving the working environment for our coworkers and creating safer marketing products for our clients.

This new printer can do it all, allowing our clients to one stop shop at TGI. Outdoor advertising, retail POS/POP signage, events and exhibitions and wall coverings are just a few things that this new technology will allow us to do on a larger level. Improving on our technology allows us to create more options for all of our clients.

These are just a few of the new advantages to TGI switching to the HP Latex 3000 Printer:

  • Scratch resistance on majority of substrates, weather resistance and light fade resistance, allowing for longer lasting displays for advertising.
  • Environmentally friendly- Using water based inks, the HP Latex 3000 Printer contains no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), emits no odors, involves no UV curing or solvents, is GREENGUARD certified, perfect for schools, hospitals, and restaurants.
  • Customized decor- The HP Latex 3000 can print on a wide range of substrates, including wall coverings and vinyl, allowing clients to customize their walls and floors with incredibly vibrant graphics, with high environmental standards.


We look forward to opening new doors for our clients, and for entering the world of super wide format printing!

Click Here for More information about the HP Latex 3000

If you are interested in hearing more about our new HP Latex 3000 Printer, or if you would like to come in and take a tour please contact:

Dan Long, Wide Format Product Specialist at TGI