Put the Peddle to the Metal

It’s the time of year when sales leaders contemplate training initiatives to boost performance in the coming year. The problem is that training courses alone rarely deliver on their promise.

Think back to fourth grade. How much do you remember about chapter four in your history book? Your answer is likely, not much, if anything. On the other hand, you probably remember most of what you were taught behind the wheel in driving education class. Right?

The secret to improving your sales training lies in the reason most people are better drivers today than at sixteen. In addition to classroom instruction and supervised behind-the-wheel training, most drivers practice their craft every day. That practice is reinforced with road signs, traffic lights, and the occasional police officer with ticket book in hand.

Your sales force will forget 88% of the training they receive within four weeks unless they practice and are held accountable for applying what they learn. To accelerate sales this year, add management or peer coaching after sales calls and role-plays during sales meetings. And, don’t forget to recognize those who have incorporated the training into their daily practices.

Quote of the week:
“You really just have to come in and build the spirit up of your team by working them everyday, showing them examples of what they’ve done and reinforce their work.”
~Scott Brooks

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