Party City and TGI Make a Great Team

Party City has been helping people create unforgettable moments for over 30 years and now TGI is onboard to help Party City with their process.

Through our strong relationships in the print industry and historical success in the retail and e-commerce space, TGI is the perfect partner for Party City. TGI will assist Party City with their vision of growing their online presence and expanding their distribution efforts.

For graduations and celebrations, Party City offers customized banners, yard signs and standees. To get a peek behind the scenes, check out our videos below on the printing, cutting and packing process

Everyone at TGI is excited for this opportunity, especially TGI’s President, Jack Glacken, who said, “We are really looking forward to a long partnership with Party City. They are awesome people who have a very aggressive initiative and we are thrilled to be a part of it.”

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Behind the Scenes at TGI