Let’s Go to the Video!

Just like sportscaster Warner Wolf knew years ago, people like video. In fact, ComScore is reporting that the average person watches 22 hours a month, many in short-form videos, taking only a minute or so to view.

Using video with other marketing channels engages prospects more effectively than words alone. Typical email open rates, for instance, shoot from an average of 11-22% to as high as 30% when video is added. Make that video content personalized, and Sunday Sky reports that you’ll see open rates in the 40-60% range and click-to-play rates from 80-99%.

A video on your website is 50 times more likely to get a first-page Google ranking than a text page and adding QR codes that link videos to magazines ads, signage, or direct mail not only makes response trackable, but helps you turn words on paper into compelling stories that resonate with prospects.

And it works. Just ask QuantiSense, a leader in retail intelligence technology, who shot a 70- second video, incorporated it into emails, landing pages and large format signage, and delivered a 218% year-over-year increase in meetings set up at a critical trade show event.

So dust off your highlight reel, and start using it to win more business.

Quote of the Week:
“Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.” ~Robert Weiss

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