Because You’re Smart

BrainLead nurturing is the process of expanding relationships with prospects as they move through each step of their buying process. Good lead nurturing is all about getting the right message to the right prospect at the right time via the right channels. In order to do this well, the selling company has to identify where a prospect is at all times and serve up the right content, offer, and call to action that helps guide him or her through the buying process. That’s easier said then done. Marketing automation makes it easier, but a technology solution may be out of reach for a small or mid-size business.

There is another alternative that is easily affordable, if you are the right kind of small or midsize business…the smart kind. This strategy is based on positioning a company as a thought leader. The messaging you deliver to prospects doesn’t include a pitch, offer, or specific call to action. The content is short, meant to be read quickly, and designed to make the prospect do one simple thing…think.

This type of general nurturing works with all kinds of prospects, no matter where they are in their buying journey. The goal is to make sure when the prospect isn’t sure what the problem is or how to fix it, they call you…because you’re smart.

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