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Enhance your branding, visibility, & add the WOW factor

Wide Format Display Solutions from TGI

Enhance your branding, visibility, and add the WOW factor to your next event, product launch, or to freshen up the office décor.

Indoor and Outdoor Events

Banners, posters, signage, retractable bannerstands, custom diecuts, floor graphics



Short run box and package production, point of purchase display prototypes


Retail In-store Signage

Hanging signage, window clings, point of purchase displays, floor graphics, pallet wraps, counter mats


Trade Show Booths & Graphics

Variety of sizes and configurations, produced to meet your space and budget requirements


Office Décor

Directional signage, wall murals for foyers and conference rooms, company timeline graphics, magnetic and dry erase wall systems, decorative window films, canvas wraps, arcylic or metal display signage

Minimums — there are none!

Short runs — no problem!


From design to installation, TGI’s experts in Wide Format will guide you through the entire process. Lets talk about your wide format print ideas or lets kick around some fresh ideas. I am here to help you bring more WOW to your business!

Schedule a tour of the TGI facility and meet a great team of people that are here to help you succeed in your business. To learn more visit:


We also do digital cutting in all shapes, sizes, and substrates. See it in action:


Ringing in Your Ears

Hear that? It’s the sound of 162 billion phone calls to businesses resulting from the search, social, and display advertising appearing on mobile phones.


Today’s marketers are shifting more and more of their spending to mobile. BIA Kelsey, a leading research firm focused on local advertising and marketing, expects the number of conversion calls to increase to 162 billion by 2020.

Calls to businesses have always been part of the buying process, particularly for purchases that are complex, expensive, and infrequent. Now that consumers have their phones with them at all times, more customers are calling when they first think about the purchase, during the research process, or immediately after the sale. Phone conversations have become a very important part of the customer experience.

The big takeaway is that with all of today’s focus on capturing analytics from your digital tactics, you might forget to capture the same attribution data from your phone conversions. Without a complete understanding of both your digital advertising and call conversions, you could end up spending your money in the wrong places.

And another thing—since phone calls convert to revenue 10 times more often than web leads, make sure you include your phone number on all your digital ads, offline campaigns, websites, and mobile apps. You don’t want to miss a call!

Quote of the Week: “The phone started ringing off the hook… the rest is history.” – Byron Ferguson

Fight Like Nalan – Remembering Our Friend

Last week, TGI lost a member of our work family and dear friend, Nalan Price. Over the last 9 years, Nalan fought a long, hard battle with cancer. During this time, she had a large support system, most of whom are familiar with the team shirt she wore that said “Fight Like A Girl”. In Nalan’s case, this meant be tough, stay strong, and never give up. She fought with every ounce of her being, but cancer did not define Nalan. She was a friend, a daughter, a wife, and a wonderful mother to her daughter Maddie.  At the office, if you needed anything, Nalan was the person to ask. She had a personality that stood out in a room. We will all miss her deeply and remember her witty sense of humor, her laugh, and her smile. And whenever we think of someone taking on a huge obstacle in their life, we will think be strong and “Fight Like Nalan”.



You Can’t Do It Alone

At some time in the life of a small business, someone besides the owner will need to sell the product or service for the firm to be truly successful.

Unfortunately, that’s where the wheels come off the bus for a lot of business owners. While they are continuing to bring in revenue themselves and focusing on a myriad of other important objectives like product development and customer experience, their sales reps are unfocused, not directed, and in far too many cases, unsuccessful.

Whether you are already in this predicament or think you might be someday, here are two things you should do right now:

Create an ideal prospect profile of the types of customers that are the best fit for your business. Include the size, markets, geography, most profitable things they buy, the amount of business they do with you annually, and the positions you target.

Document the process that you use when you sell. Start at the point when you first talk to a prospect.  Include what you say to get their attention, what questions you ask, how you describe the way your business can help them, and what sets you apart from the competition. Make sure that your list includes when and how you use product literature, give demos, offer trials, and anything else that’s a part of your sales cycle.

If you already have reps in place, accompany them on a sales call. See how close they are to your process. If you’re currently hiring, evaluate their ability to follow the processes that are working!

Quote of the Week: “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible… and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” — Francis of Assisi