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Move Over Generic Décor, Digital is Taking Over

Interior designers, for commercial and residential spaces, are turning to customized Digital Décor to add awesome impact to their design plans. It’s no secret that digital Décor is on the rise, for both residential and commercial design, and for good reason. Due to advances in technology, it is now affordable to customize materials as varied as wall paper and wall graphics for enterprises, businesses of all sizes, and even residential use.


Interior designers are flocking towards digital décor because of its endless possibilities in customization. In lieu of your standard wallpaper, they are turning to customized wall coverings, wall decals and printed canvases to add a personal touch to their client’s homes. Using alternative materials for wall coverings, they are getting rid of the wallpaper mess, and creating customized digital printed wall coverings that are mess free. Web to print digital décor for residential use is also on the rise, so anyone desiring a new appearance for their home, can create endless personalized décor. Personalized galleries using family photos, wall coverings made from a collage of favorite photos, and wall decals from customized artwork, these are all things that everyone is excited about.

Snapfish enhances high-volume canvas print production with HP Latex Technologies

Snapfish enhances high-volume canvas print production with HP Latex Technologies


Restaurants, corporate offices, retail spaces, hotels, hospitals and health care facilities are turning to digital décor to make a big impact in their design. Why are they using Digital Décor now? Because their branding, marketing and messaging can be carried out throughout their entire space, they are making great use of the marketing real estate in their facilities, and making an impact on consumers.

Customized Wall Coverings

Digital Printing Technology allows for companies to design and customize their own wall coverings, making a standard wall covering or paint, seem so blah. Whether for creating an aesthetically pleasing space of a hotel lobby, to creating atmosphere in a restaurant or to carry out branding design elements in corporate offices, companies love the impact that wall coverings have on their customers. The ability to create murals or wall coverings using designs that they produced, are more intriguing than ever before.

Rudkin Productions and Signs Now recreate Noah's Ark with HP Latex Printing Technologies

Rudkin Productions and Signs Now recreate Noah’s Ark with HP Latex Printing Technologies

Customized Artwork

Companies are able to design their own works of art to hang on the walls of their businesses. Using photographs of their own, or artwork created just for their space, they can create customized photo galleries, or canvas prints to carry out their look throughout their businesses.

OPG Delivers stunning indoor graphics with HP Latex Printing Technologies for restaurant decoration

OPG Delivers stunning indoor graphics with HP Latex Printing Technologies for restaurant decoration

More Digital Capabilities

Businesses and commercial interior designers are going beyond wall coverings and photo galleries, because of updated technology, they can now cover everything, floor to ceiling with their own customized designs. Companies are thinking smart in which real estate of their businesses to carry out their marketing. Textile printing capabilities can completely transform restaurants décor from throw pillows, curtains, tablecloths and napkins and even furniture, allowing for their space to be their own. Ceiling coverings, vinyl decals, floor coverings, lampshades, tabletops and even menus can all be created by using Digital Printing Technology.

Afryka Coffee and Tea House rebranded its space with customized interior designs on its  furnishings using HP Latex Printing Technologies

Afryka Coffee and Tea House rebranded its space with customized interior designs on its furnishings using HP Latex Printing Technologies

Digital décor is a wonderful way to transform your space, whether at home or in the office, into something that is truly one of a kind. When recreating your space, think digital, and use new technology to its advantage. Learn more about the images in this blog and their stories.

The City by Littelz used HP Latex Technologies to create a safe, stunning education-based play and discovery center for kids.

The City by Littelz used HP Latex Technologies to create a safe, stunning education-based play and discovery center for kids.

Interested in transforming your space using Super Wide Format Printing? Contact TGI, using the HP Latex 3000 we can create beautiful décor for your business.

To learn more about wall coverings and digital décor from HP join us for our Power of 3 Symposium.

TGI’s St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Symposium, The Power of 3

Power of 3image copyThere are a lot of changes occurring at TGI this year, we are redeveloping our website, renovating our TGI Headquarters in Philadelphia, bringing in new technology, and it is all because we are driven to bring the most value we can to our partnerships.

We are ready to unveil a winter’s worth of efforts. On March 14th we will be hosting the “Power of 3” Marketing Symposium. Focusing on TGI’s power of 3: Education, Innovation and Interaction, we are aiming to help our client’s marketing efforts thrive.


National industry experts are joining TGI to discuss marketing techniques and trends in today’s multi-channel world.


We are bringing clients in to provide them with insightful speakers, workshops and to help greater their marketing capabilities.


TGI clients will network with one another and TGI staff. Speakers and entertainers will be accessible to the attendees to keep the conversation going.

The event’s workshops will include:

The Shifting Marketing Landscape – How to Transform Results

Joe Manos, Mindfire Inc., offering insight on integrated business solutions.

Digital Wall Décor

Rudy Herrera, Hewlett Packard, focusing on trends in Digital Décor. This class qualifies for one hour of AIA Continuing Education Credit.

“Getting The Most From Pre-During-Post Trade Show Exhibiting”

Richard Erschik,, introducing the 3-steps to proven trade show success.

No More Spreadsheets! Automation in Fulfillment

-Brian Parillo, Veracore, discussing how to increase profitability in marketing operations through automation in fulfillment.

Effective Video Storytelling

A panel of experts will be speaking about Utilizing video as a tool to Innovate, Educate, and Interact.

The panel will include speakers from:

New Pace Productions

Hewlett Packard



Food and Entertainment:

Catering for the symposium will be provided by Philadelphia Eagle’s Tight End, Brent Celek’s , Old City restaurant, Prime Stache.

In true TGI style, Irish dancers and singers will perform throughout the day.

After education and entertainment, our guests will enjoy cocktails and connections at a networking event with other Fortune 500 marketing and sales leaders.

We are looking forward to sharing this day with our clients, and to debut our newly renovated space.

If you are interested in hearing more information about our symposium, please contact TGI at


TGI Loves Technology

Fingerprint on pixellated screenTGI’s roots are in print and typesetting, we have a deep history in traditional offset printing, we pioneered digital, short-run printing, invested in large format equipment, but we owe our success to something we love – technology.

We have a love affair with technology in marketing. Embracing technology has kept us alive and has allowed for our old friend, print, to come to life again. Never shying away from new technology, we are constantly changing and creating solutions for all of our clients’ needs.  We use technology to make the execution and distribution of print more efficient.

We also mix it up by using email, cross media, and video to leverage our communication abilities- things that print used to be the only medium for. That’s why TGI is always evolving, to stay on the forefront and embrace new forms of technology; it’s what gives us our edge. 

Here are 3 reasons why we love technology in marketing:

1.Variable Data Technology

Individualized marketing campaign touches are now easier than ever to create because of the wonderful technology out there, and are way more effective. There are ways to customize offers and messages, execute in multiple languages, incorporate fields of personalized information throughout materials such as recipient’s first and last names, city and state where they live or work, company and more.

Sending out generic standard marketing messaging is no more! As variable data technology enhances, we can produce marketing materials from web-to-print. Content can be relevant, both in messaging and imagery.

Personalization encourages more interaction and engagement from your clients, and with all the technology out there to allow personalization from web-to-print, it is now easier than ever.

Printed marketing can be sent out at high speeds, with low costs, and can be completely customized to each recipient. From wide format printing, to digital printing, the development of greater technology in print allows for endless options. There are various substrates, types of inks, lamination and ways to create custom die cut edges, so you can have the ability to create something than completely stands out from the typical printed piece. From floor to ceiling, to your mailbox, make sure to make your messaging stand out.

In email and electronic marketing, you develop campaigns with variable data and content, develop in multiple languages, and add personalized images. Develop Purls that include the client’s information, and help encourage the client to interact with your campaign.

 2. Digital Technology supports print

Adapting new technology is a must, especially in the printing industry. Emerging technologies allow us to make printing more effective, from web portals, to tracking and inventory control, to cross media campaigns we are always combining digital technology with print.

Using print in conjunction with digital marketing helps reinforce messaging. Combining print and digital, for example the use of QR codes in print to connect to the web allows for more interaction from your clients. When you use multiple forms of interactive media alongside of print, there is a greater impact on your clients, it encourages interaction and adds another way to recognize your brand. Combine channels to create multi-touch, highly personalized marketing campaigns.

Marketing portals (online ordering sites) assist the distribution of branded marketing materials. Because of this technology, our clients save time and money in the distribution of their marketing collateral. From static sell sheets to dynamic charts, from business cards to 64 paged booklets- print is now more efficient to manage than ever. Many portals include electronic media campaigns, incorporating micro-sites, web banners, ads, emails and video for ultimate impact. Whether your organization orders materials locally or throughout the world, it has never been easier to order, send and track print.

3. Marketing opportunities are everywhere

“Turn heads and grab attention by using all of the real estate available” is a philosophy being spread by many marketing professionals, and we are right with them. Marketing dollars are moving away from in-home advertising, and more towards out-of-home advertising. Marketing to consumers while they are in public places, in transit, in waiting, and retail environments, is on the rise.

There are so many opportunities surrounding us to develop great marketing materials. We have invested heavily in multiple technologies, so that the options for our clients are endless.

The capabilities in electronic marketing and print marketing are outstanding. Social media and email marketing allows for direct or indirect contact with clients, and helps increase interaction. We can tailor interactions and messaging towards individual customers, segmented groups or company wide. Thanks to electronic marketing technology, we stay on the forefront with our clients.

Print technology has come a very long way, from inks to substrates, there are so many opportunities out there to customize print and help companies make an impact. We pioneered digital, short-run printing with partners like Indigo and Heidelberg, and now have even more capabilities in print because of our HP Latex 3000. Outdoor advertising, retail POS/POP signage, events and exhibitions and wall coverings are just a few things that this new technology allows us to do.

Improving on our technology allows us to create more options for all of our clients.

There are so many opportunities for print, walls, windows, bus shelters, trade show events, and even branding throughout offices, it’s important to adapt to the change in technology. From floor to ceiling we got you covered!

We aim to continue our love affair with technology, but will never turn our back on our old friend, print. Continuing to embrace technology has kept us alive and is what will keep our print prosperous. Make an impact on clients, wow them with your various capabilities in technology and most importantly, don’t give up on print. Remember that print will not die, embrace new technologies and allow for print to evolve.


TGI Loves Marketing

business teamWe love marketing, every single aspect of it, so this week we are dedicated to our love for all things marketing.

Here are some of the capabilities that we know and love:

We love Wide format printing

The options are seriously endless in Wide format printing. From wall coverings to vehicle wraps, we love it all. We love our HP Latex 3000 and all the new capabilities that it provides to us; high visibility, with low environmental impact and of course great graphics.

We Love Cross Media Marketing

Cross media campaigns combine all the things we love; web, cross-substrate print, mobile, email, social platforms and targeted landing pages. We love the innovation of a great cross media campaign, and the endless opportunities it can provide to communicate with our clients.

We love Marketing Portals 

Marketing Portals make so many projects of ours come together seamlessly. We love eStorefronts because they help with designing, customizing, organizing and ordering marketing materials quickly and easily. Designing, storing and ordering marketing collateral from the same source guarantees consistency in marketing materials.

We love Print

Still after all these years, we love print. We love the emerging technology that allows us to customize, create and print awesome marketing materials. We have come a long way in the print industry, what used to be a typesetting company, is now a broad range marketing company, but we still love to print.

We love technology

From MarCore sites, Cross Media Campaigns, to our HP Latex 3000, we just love all the technology that we have here at TGI. We evolve with the new technology that is offered in the marketing industry, and are still standing because of it.

 For more about our love affair with Technology read our blog: TGI Loves Technology 

Which marketing capabilities do you love?

Dscoop9 Campaign Uses Powerful Technology for Powerful Results

Dscoop9BreakTheMoldInspired by the theme for Dscoop9, “Break The Mold”, Dscoop is breaking the mold like never before in their marketing efforts for the Dscoop9 conference.

The marketing strategy for the conference calls for using variable data and cross-media tactics throughout all marketing materials in a way that is new to the organization’s marketing techniques from previous years.  Dscoop took into account things such as eye-catching design, highlighting HP Indigo capabilities and special effects, QR Codes, PURL campaigns, unique substrates, interactivity and more – all with the goal in mind of increasing engagement, awareness and ultimately, Dscoop9 registrations.  Further, the messaging in the campaign collateral is segmented which may not sound unfamiliar, but how they are segmenting the messaging really breaks the mold.

When discussing how to segment the campaign, the folks at Dscoop came to realize that no matter what industry their members serve, they are all facing the same broad business dilemmas and have shared interests. So, instead of segmenting by industry such as commercial printing, label and packaging or grand format printing, they focused their efforts towards the business role of the individual. This allows Dscoop to really merge all industries and focus on the big picture – not just in marketing, but also in the education sessions at Dscoop9.

Dscoop went through every job title or function in the database and assigned each into a segment. They chose the four most prominent/ frequent roles in the membership: Business Management, Sales and Marketing, Technical, and Operations.

Segmented messaging has been communicated throughout multiple channels in preparation for the conference, from web-to-print and mobile. The segmented messaging has created a highly interactive and engaging campaign for Dscoop9 attendees.

Here are a few examples in how they carried out the interactive segmented messaging:

Mail Piece:
A direct mail piece was created and will distribute in four variations, which include variable data for name, address and job title/function. Dscoop took the business roles and applied them to targeted messaging about the educational opportunities members might be interested in at Dscoop9. So if you were a CEO or department head, you would receive messaging around business management sessions that were recommended for you, and if you were in production management, you would receive messaging around operations, including logistics and workflow solutions. This targeted messaging will lead the recipient to look further into the educational events for him/her at Dscoop9. Be sure to watch your mailbox this week for this unique, interactive piece!

Dscoop’s January 2014 issue of the quarterly newsletter, themed around the upcoming conference, included the individual’s name and a PURL, which led to a personalized landing page. The landing page includes a very short questionnaire about networking preferences for readers to complete. Based off of these questionnaires, Dscoop will use feedback to build out some of the networking activities onsite at Dscoop9 – once again taking the approach so conference attendees can personalize their schedule to meet their own needs and interests

Mobile App:
New for 2014, Dscoop created a mobile app to allow Dscoop9 attendees to access a wide variety of information related to the conference: session, speaker and partner descriptions, all the Showcase information (maps, listings, Partner materials/resources), access to session materials in advance, as well as the ability to build a personalized schedule, connect with other attendees and complete and submit session evaluations.  The app will be a free download and it’s accessible for Apple, Android, Blackberry and web-based devices. You can sync your schedule across multiple devices. Connect, message and share schedules with your colleagues. You can view photos from the event, or upload your own to a live feed. You can also access Dscoop’s social media channels, and post your own event updates. This will help create an incredibly interactive experience for all Dscoop attendees that will have the potential to live far beyond the three days of the event.

Whether you are involved in sales and marketing, business management, operations or technical, Dscoop9 will have sessions tailored just for you. Dscoop has found their way to stand out, and by following their theme of Break the Mold, are leading by example. Dscoop9 is designed to inspire you to get ideas and create solutions that will help your company stand out from the rest. All the segmented and interactive data for the conference will surely create a great experience for attendees at Dscoop9.

We are anxious to see what Dscoop has in store for us at Dscoop9 in March, and are ready to Break the Mold!

Will you be attending Dscoop9? If not, read 10 reasons why you should.