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TGI Product Spotlight: PhotoTex

Every so often, an exciting product hits the market that changes the industry and really grabs our attention. When PhotoTex, a self-adhesive fabric, came on the scene in 2004 it ignited a revolution in the peel and stick signage arena, and made up for the shortcomings of your typical vinyl signage. Creating a new range of possibilities for printers, sign makers, exhibition developers and interior designers, PhotoTex remains one of the most exciting developments in the printing industry, and at TGI.

PhotoTex is a revolutionary peel and stick self-adhesive polyester fabric material that can be installed on virtually any flat surface. It can be used indoors and out, in any weather condition, and can be removed and reused many times over. From sports arenas and retail storefronts to interior design, PhotoTex is changing the world of indoor and outdoor signage, and has become one of our favorite offerings.

Here are a few reasons why we are so excited to bring PhotoTex to your Marketing efforts:

Incredible Durability & Easy to Use:

We fell in love with PhotoTex for many reasons; one being that it is incredibly durable. It does not curl, shrink, rip, or wrinkle in almost any weather or temperature change, making it a great addition to our client’s indoor or outdoor signage. We also love that it is so easy to install, can be repositioned and is removable, making it easy to adjust for errors. The adhesive bond is revolutionary; it is extremely strong, yet the material can be peeled away after years in place without leaving any residue, and if kept clean can be reattached elsewhere. No tools or messy adhesives are required for installation, which makes wallpaper and wall graphic installations a breeze.

Super Green & Eco-Friendly:

In addition to the durability and flexibility of PhotoTex, it is also a green and eco-friendly material, which is ideal for hospitals and schools. PhotoTex is odorless, non-toxic & Phthalate-free, and sticks to all low and no VOC paints. It also has no PVC, Glycol-Ether or Formaldehyde. We print on PhotoTex using our HP Latex 360 or HP Latex 3000 printers, which both use the same eco-friendly, water-based, odorless industrial inks.

Endless Capabilities:

PhotoTex can be wrapped around corners and columns, placed on ceilings and walls, and be removed and reused without losing adhesive qualities. This makes the possibilities truly endless. Our clients in every industry can get creative with PhotoTex and we love helping bring their vision to life. Whether in the Retail, Financial, Manufacturing or Pharmaceutical sector, PhotoTex can help grab the attention that your Marketing efforts deserve. 

Using PhotoTex for your Business:

Corporate Offices:

Creativity and collaboration occur within the walls of your workplace, and the décor can directly affect both your clients’ and employees’ engagement and performance. Long gone are the offices with boring white walls, and Interior Designers are turning to PhotoTex to help create a more vibrant, inspiring and successful workplace. PhotoTex can be used in the workplace for lobbies, company timelines, cubicles, door signage, posters, directional signage, conference rooms, company logos, internal communications, workspace décor, and cafeterias.

Stadiums & Sports Arenas:

Grabbing consumer’s attention proves to be challenging, especially in public venues like sports arenas and stadiums. PhotoTex can help make your company’s messaging stand out by placing your messaging on virtually every surface! Cover columns, walls, ceilings, elevator doors, windows, ticketing booths, etc., with your teams logo or your company’s marketing messages.

Hospitals & Health Care:

Create a friendly environment by using PhotoTex in your waiting rooms or throughout your health care facility. Being non-toxic, Phthalate-free, and odorless, PhotoTex is perfect for decorating any medical environment. PhotoTex can be used to decorate ceilings and walls, floors and elevator doors, covering columns, and creating fun environments for Children’s facilities, without the threat of any toxins in the air.


The retail industry is full of constant set-ups and break-downs, rotating campaigns, and ever-changing promotions and sales events. PhotoTex can be used to decorate any space, quickly and effortlessly, and can help your promotions, sales, and events stand out. PhotoTex can be used to decorate any retail space, indoors or outdoors, quickly & easily. Just peel & stick to walls, windows, doors, columns, or endcaps, and you are done.

To see more uses of PhotoTex and to get some inspiration for your marketing campaigns, check out our PhotoTex Board on Pinterest.

Have a question about PhotoTex? Contact our Wide Format Product Specialist, Dan Long, via email: dlong@tginc.com



Move Over Generic Décor, Digital is Taking Over


Interior designers, for commercial and residential spaces, are turning to customized Digital Décor to add awesome impact to their design plans. It’s no secret that digital Décor is on the rise, for both residential and commercial design, and for good reason. Due to advances in technology, it is now affordable to customize materials as varied as wall paper and wall graphics for enterprises, businesses of all sizes, and even residential use.


Interior designers are flocking towards digital décor because of its endless possibilities in customization. In lieu of your standard wallpaper, they are turning to customized wall coverings, wall decals and printed canvases to add a personal touch to their client’s homes. Using alternative materials for wall coverings, they are getting rid of the wallpaper mess, and creating customized digital printed wall coverings that are mess free. Web to print digital décor for residential use is also on the rise, so anyone desiring a new appearance for their home, can create endless personalized décor. Personalized galleries using family photos, wall coverings made from a collage of favorite photos, and wall decals from customized artwork, these are all things that everyone is excited about.

Snapfish enhances high-volume canvas print production with HP Latex Technologies

Snapfish enhances high-volume canvas print production with HP Latex Technologies


Restaurants, corporate offices, retail spaces, hotels, hospitals and health care facilities are turning to digital décor to make a big impact in their design. Why are they using Digital Décor now? Because their branding, marketing and messaging can be carried out throughout their entire space, they are making great use of the marketing real estate in their facilities, and making an impact on consumers.

Customized Wall Coverings

Digital Printing Technology allows for companies to design and customize their own wall coverings, making a standard wall covering or paint, seem so blah. Whether for creating an aesthetically pleasing space of a hotel lobby, to creating atmosphere in a restaurant or to carry out branding design elements in corporate offices, companies love the impact that wall coverings have on their customers. The ability to create murals or wall coverings using designs that they produced, are more intriguing than ever before.

Rudkin Productions and Signs Now recreate Noah's Ark with HP Latex Printing Technologies

Rudkin Productions and Signs Now recreate Noah’s Ark with HP Latex Printing Technologies

Customized Artwork

Companies are able to design their own works of art to hang on the walls of their businesses. Using photographs of their own, or artwork created just for their space, they can create customized photo galleries, or canvas prints to carry out their look throughout their businesses.

OPG Delivers stunning indoor graphics with HP Latex Printing Technologies for restaurant decoration

OPG Delivers stunning indoor graphics with HP Latex Printing Technologies for restaurant decoration

More Digital Capabilities

Businesses and commercial interior designers are going beyond wall coverings and photo galleries, because of updated technology, they can now cover everything, floor to ceiling with their own customized designs. Companies are thinking smart in which real estate of their businesses to carry out their marketing. Textile printing capabilities can completely transform restaurants décor from throw pillows, curtains, tablecloths and napkins and even furniture, allowing for their space to be their own. Ceiling coverings, vinyl decals, floor coverings, lampshades, tabletops and even menus can all be created by using Digital Printing Technology.

Afryka Coffee and Tea House rebranded its space with customized interior designs on its  furnishings using HP Latex Printing Technologies

Afryka Coffee and Tea House rebranded its space with customized interior designs on its furnishings using HP Latex Printing Technologies

Digital décor is a wonderful way to transform your space, whether at home or in the office, into something that is truly one of a kind. When recreating your space, think digital, and use new technology to its advantage. Learn more about the images in this blog and their stories.

The City by Littelz used HP Latex Technologies to create a safe, stunning education-based play and discovery center for kids.

The City by Littelz used HP Latex Technologies to create a safe, stunning education-based play and discovery center for kids.

Interested in transforming your space using Super Wide Format Printing? Contact TGI, using the HP Latex 3000 we can create beautiful décor for your business.

To learn more about wall coverings and digital décor from HP join us for our Power of 3 Symposium.