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Super Bowl 50, “Commercial Bowl” Breakdown

Maura Glacken, TGI’s Marketing Coordinator, breaks down a few commercials from Super Bowl 50.

Ah, another Super Bowl came and went. While we are still trying to gain back momentum from Sunday’s festivities, there are a few things that I can’t stop thinking about. Aside from the Bronco’s win, Lady Gaga’s outstanding version of the Star Spangled Banner -Can you say Goosebumps- and the halftime show, the buzz about the commercials seems to continue to be a debate among all marketers and non-marketers alike. It IS the biggest opportunity of the year for advertisers after all, the COMMERCIAL BOWL. So, I spent some time re-watching Sunday’s commercials, and while I am not saying that I’m an expert, these are the ones that I can’t stop thinking about… and no, #Puppymonkeybaby (although- still hilariously replays in my mind) is not one of them.

Here are the summaries and breakdowns of a few commercials that stood out in my mind:

2017 Audi R8: Commander; Shoot for the moon

Summary: A heartwarming, emotional storyline of a sad retired Astronaut finding his love for life again through his son’s new Audi R8.

Breakdown: The cinematic quality of this commercial is outstanding, the storyline; powerful, emotional, inspiring… Pairing this storyline with Bowie’s iconic “Starman” (and only a few weeks after Bowie’s death), mesmerizing, powerful, and took this commercial’s emotional effect to greater heights. This one was definitely memorable, and “Starman” is on repeat in my brain.

Budweiser USA: Not Backing Down

Summary: Budweiser takes on the Craft Beer Revolution to prove that they are “not backing down”.

Breakdown: Taking a more riveting approach than past Super Bowl ads, this year’s Budweiser commercial takes on the Craft Beer Revolution in a powerful, yet playful manner. Budweiser traded in their heartwarming puppy & Clydesdale horse storyline to remind viewers that they have Clydesdales, not ponies, and that they are not backing down. Heavy machinery, extreme weather conditions, powerful and fierce Clydesdales and big venues prove that Budweiser is “ Not Small… Not a Hobby… Not for sipping… Not backing down since 1876”.

My favorite part- an old man at a bar flicks the lemon slice off of his beer glass, because Budweiser’s are “not fruit cups”

Snickers: Marilyn

Summary: Even Hollywood Icons get cranky when they are hungry.

Breakdown: Another trip down memory lane this year as Snickers proves that “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” Hollywood Icon, Marilyn Monroe, looks a lot like Willem Defoe when she gets cranky. Donned in pearl earrings, a white dress, and re-creating Monroe’s famous “skirt” scene, Defoe is hysterically cranky before eating his Snickers. Seeing Willem Defoe in a dress while throwing a tantrum is pretty funny, but was this the best Snickers “You’re not you when you’re hungry” ad? That’s up for debate- comment below, which was your favorite?

Mini: Defy Labels

Summary: Mini Clubman defies labels and proves this car is for everyone.

Breakdown: Mini takes on the labels that both celebrities and non-celebrities have had to overcome and use them to defy the stereotypes of the Mini Clubman – a chick car, a cute car, a short man’s car, a gay car, etc. This ad promotes a powerful message to “defy labels” in this creative and simplistic, yet direct commercial for the new Mini Clubman, proving that this car is for everyone. In addition to the powerful message, this ad proves to be the best use of Celebrity, as a series of unexpected cameos are used to Defy labels (Abby Wambach, Serena Williams, Tony Hawk, just to name a few).

Pantene: Strong is Beautiful | Pantene Dad- Do

Summary: NFL dad’s prove that “Girls who spend quality time with their dads grow up to be stronger women”

Breakdown: Dad’s of the NFL; DeAngelo Williams (Pittsburgh Steelers), Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys) and Benjamin Watson (New Orleans Saints); pair up with their daughters in this powerful and heartwarming ad. Each dad is giving their daughter a “Dad-do”, while their daughters giggle in approval, and say the adorable “I love you daddy”. A branch off of Pantene’s ‘Strong is Beautiful’ campaign, the ‘Dad-do’ campaign is meant to promote that “Girls who spend quality time with their dads grow up to be stronger women.” This commercial was powerful and heartwarming and will have a longer lifespan than other Super Bowl ads.

My favorite exchange is at the end of the commercial when DeAngelo Williams hands his daughter, Rhiya Williams, a mirror:

“When you look in the mirror, what do you see?”


“That’s ‘Strong is beautiful’.”

Pantene created a series of extended videos for these ‘Dad-dos’, which consist of hysterical play-by-plays of the NFL dads creating their ‘Dad-dos’:

DeAngelo Williams: Dad-Do #1

Benjamin Watson: Dad-Do #2

Jason Witten: Dad-Do #3

DeAngelo Williams: Dad-Do #4


Shock Top: “Unfiltered Big Game Ad Review”

Although I was not really a big fan of the initial Shock Top Super bowl ad that aired on Sunday, Shock Top takes the win for greatest Super Bowl ad follow-up. Their initial ad was pretty funny, but I felt it got lost in the sea of other Super Bowl ads. So, when I saw the “Unfiltered Big Game Ad Review” pop up on my newsfeed Monday, I just had to watch it. Adding a playful extension to their own ad of exchanged insults, T.J. Miller and the Shock Top orange wedge paired up again to watch and review other commercials from Sunday… the results? Hysterical. Watch as they hilariously take on their Super Bowl ad competitors. “Puppymonkeybaby? He will haunt my dreams for years to come…”


Overall, the ads this year were good, memorable, and hysterical… but there were a few that left me with an Eli Manning reaction– Xifaxan and it’s walking intestine, ENVY’s Opioid-induced constipation, and the snooze fest that was the Persil laundry detergent commercial. FYI- those ads cost $5 million for a 30-second spot this year!

So, what did you think about Super Bowl 2016’s commercials? Which were your favorites? Share in the comment section below!


TGI Launches New Website

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, TGINC.com. Our website includes a fresh new look and feel, provides more interaction, more videos, and more ways to see what TGI can do for you.

When creating our new website we had a few goals in mind. We wanted our site to be: 
-More user-friendly and interactive.
-A better representation of the variety of new services and products we offer.
-Optimized for mobile.

What we came up with was a highly interactive site, featuring many ways to get to know TGI.

Here are some of our favorite features on our new site
TGI’s new website now has eight videos, including our Identity video, so now you can get to know who we are, what we do, and what TGI can do for you.

Check them out:
Identity video
MarCore video
Cross Media video
Wide Format
General business

Cross Media: 
We added an interactive page for you to test how a TGI Cross Media campaign works. It’s really neat. Click here to see it in action!

Super Wide Format Printing: 
Visitors are able to view our display catalog and Gallery to see what’s new and what we can do.

Interactive Print:
Visitors are able to test our QR Technology. Scan the QR code to lead you to a video with our friend, Joe Conklin.

We were able to successfully carry out all aspects of the new site to create a fresh, innovative, interactive, and easy to use site for our clients. So go ahead, check out the site, and don’t forget to follow us on Social Media!

New Year, New TGI!

copystarsThe New Year is right around the corner! 2013 has been an awesome year for TGI because of our wonderful clients and coworkers, and we are looking forward to seeing what lies ahead in 2014. To kick off the New Year, we wanted to share what is in store for 2014, and take a look back at the past year, revisiting some of our high-points from 2013.

We are looking forward to 2014, and some great transformations at TGI: 

SUPER Wide Format:

imageRecently TGI purchased the HP Latex 3000, which will open new doors and lead to greater possibilities for our clients. We can now print larger materials, at higher speeds with incredible quality and competitive prices. This printer combines high volume and high quality printing, with all the environmental benefits of water-based inks. The environmental aspect is incredible! Outdoor advertising, retail POS/POP signage, events and exhibitions and wall coverings are just a few things that this new technology is allowing TGI to do on a larger level. To see our journey into the world of SUPER Wide Format and the capabilities, read our blog.

New Website Design:

We’re working hard to revamp our website, and updating the technology to better assist our clients and employees. Our website revamp will include more videos, be optimized for mobile, and feature more TGI products and services. Stay tuned for the new site!

New Construction:


We are renovating here at TGI, due to our purchasing the new HP Latex 3000. We want to showcase that technology and all of the incredible products that it can produce, and so we are transforming our old kitchen/meeting space into a showroom for Super Wide Format. We are also converting our old lobby into a conference room. We can’t wait to show our clients our updated look!

In 2013, many campaigns and developments occurred at TGI: 

MarCore Webinar:


TGI launched our first MarCore Webinar, The Art of Efficiency, about TGI’s MarCore online portals. We discussed the importance of web to print solutions, inventory control and eliminating obsolescence. We look forward to hosting more webinars in the future.

New Technology:

Staying on top of industry trends is important to us, and we are constantly searching for the latest technology. Over the summer, TGI visited the HP Headquarters in Atlanta. Our goal was to scope out a new Latex printer and the latest in HP equipment, but we came back with something SUPER!

St. Jeanne Jugan Award:

DSC_2063 copy

TGI received the St. Jeanne Jugan Award by The Little Sisters of the Poor for being faithful benefactors since 2010. It was a great honor for TGI to receive this award.We proudly display the plaque at TGI and look forward to continuing our support for The Little Sisters of the Poor.

TGI went Social:

iPadwebsmm copy

Inspired by the opportunities to learn, listen and to provide solutions or ideas to our clients, we turned our attention to Social Media. Over the summer, we made it our goal to build and maintain relationships with our clients by developing educational blogs that would highlight digital, print and marketing trends. TGI’s Social Media presence has opened new doors for our clients to stay in touch with us.

It has been a great 2013, and in 2014 we are looking forward to showcasing our new technology and capabilities.  In the spring, we hope you will join us for our Open House!

 Stay tuned for the latest news from TGI, and we wish you all a wonderful and successful 2014!

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Social Media Campaign Launched for TGI

At TGI, one of our priorities is building and maintaining relationships with our clients. Inspired by the opportunities to learn,
listen and maybe provide some solutions or ideas to our clients, we turned our attention to social media.

In the beginning of the summer, TGI developed a goal to create a content driven social media strategy with the intention of posting articles and blogs about the latest trends in marketing operations and delivery. To execute the strategy, we created a position with attention on social media marketing and digital strategy. Our Marketing Coordinator spent the summer developing content around the services, projects and trends in our company and industry.

Remarkable social media content  and great sales copy are pretty much the same – plain spoken words designed to focus on the needs of the reader, the listener, or the viewer -Brian Clark, Founder, Copyblogger

After a summer of developing content, we were ready to take the project to the next level, by gaining the right following- clients and prospects who we want to stay connected with.

In an effort to gain more client followers on our Social Media, we had to come up with a marketing strategy to show our new Social Media presence. With the artistic knowledge of our Graphic Designer, a graphic was designed to grab the attention of our clients that would be implemented via a cross media campaign, using print, web and email.


The graphic was made to look like a tablet, listing each of the links to TGI’s Social Media channels, encouraging our clients to interact on any of the platforms.

We implemented the graphic in the following ways:
  • To encourage interaction on the web, we sent out an email to all of our clients, including the graphic with interactive links leading to our Social Media, providing a single click to connect with TGI on any of the channels. The email encouraged the client to “get social” with TGI, for fan exclusive content, print, digital and marketing trends and TGI news. This email will be sent out monthly, to ensure our clients remain in contact with us on Social Media.
  • Printing was the fun part, we developed two ideas for print- posters for internal marketing and postcards for the field.
  • The posters are very eye catching and sleek, containing the tablet graphic, with the headline, “Keep in Touch!” in very fine, modern type, with a faded rainbow coloring. TGI produced the 11×17 posters, as flat posters with optional adhesive pop-up easels for standing up on tables, desks and flat surfaces.
  • The postcards again brought the graphic alive. The postcards consisted of the same tablet graphic produced on #130 silk cover, covered with a 5/5 mil. textured satin laminate and die cut with rounded edges giving it a clean, sturdy and striking appearance. On the back of the cars, we included a QR code leading to our TGI Cross Media video, and what looks like silver etching of our logo, and “Keep in Touch” in a bold and scripted font.

We’re excited to be taking our Social Media presence to the next level, and are hoping that this will be another successful Cross Media campaign for TGI, opening new doors for our clients to stay in touch with us. How do you stay in touch with your clients? Have you developed a Social Media strategy for your company?


The Ever-Evolving Trade Show Market

The Trade Show market is exploding. As interaction has taken spotlight in the way consumers interact with brands,  trade shows are becoming more and more competitive and creative, and it is important to evolve with the trends going on.

For great success at a trade show, you want to attract, engage and maintain your potential clients’ involvement. Use interactive media, videos, tablets and demos- the old brochure wont do anymore, you need something to really stimulate and engage the audience!


Remember, trade shows, by nature are interactive. Everyone is going there for the reason of interacting face to face with brands, peers and professional community. So BE interactive. Each point of exchange with you can be pleasurable , and will deliver value to the relationship you are building.

The first point of contact is the announcement of your participation at the show. How will you let people know about your involvement at the trade show? Your marketing materials should be smart and interactive; building yourself  and your brand as a destination at the show. For example, a clever direct mail piece with a QR code that links to a landing page to pre-register for the trade show or symposium, offers smart marketing and  a great experience for your client.

A follow up email campaign, from point of registration through show end, builds anticipation about what your booth will offer.


Booth design is crucial to setting the environment your brand will be received in. You want something to be remembered by. Blending digital outreach with new engagement platforms will surely attract potential clients.

Tablets and iPad’s are a huge trend in the trade show market right now. They can be used to demo products and show videos,  either one on one, or for a group of people. CRM programs on tablets are the key to generating leads. “Technology makes it possible to gather in-depth information on attendees’ interests and attitudes. With that data in hand, organizers can gauge whether their event strategy is working and alter it is necessary to help maximize their return on investment..” These programs allow companies to capture client’s information for quick access to the best leads, and create customized plans for each client.


Social Media is a great tool to interact with your audience; Twitter, Facebook, blogs, webpages and video are great tools to capture potential clients. Create a promotion using social media check-in’s and tags. Make sure your handles are visibly displayed, so everyone can interact. You could start a Hashtag discussion for all the potential clients.  This is a sure way to capture your audience’s attention, and also their information for generating leads.

For your next trade show event, map out a plan for your company. Remember you want to attract, engage and maintain your potential clients involvement.  What technologies will you incorporate into your display? How will you announce your participation at the show? Will you use social media to start a discussion with clients?  Start from there, then turn to resources such as Exhibitor Magazine for inspiration and ideas for your next trade show event. Make an IMPACT, and really wow your potential clients.