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Global Print Network Saves the Day!


Having friends worldwide in the industry really pays off.

Last week, we were challenged with a super rush turnaround, a project was to be printed and shipped to Hong Kong, in 24 hours! Thanks to Dscoop, and our partners in Tokyo, we were able to make it happen!

Here are the Details:

Problem: A Private School had representatives in China recruiting prospective students at a Student Fair. Boxes of brochures shipped overseas were somehow lost.

Challenge: Getting brochures in representative’s hand in two days time.

Solution: TGI used the Dscoop Global Print Directory and had brochures printed in Tokyo and shipped to Hong Kong overnight.

Only TGI has the expertise and operations to deliver the broadest range of marketing solutions…fast!

Dscoop Celebrates 10 Years at DscoopX

“We started Dscoop to provide the Industry with a positive platform that could create partnerships, new opportunities, and build relationships. Never, would I have imagined this organization to grow into what it is today.” Jack Glacken, President of TGI.Dscoopx

Dscoop, a community of HP users, is holding their Tenth Annual Conference, Dscoop X, March 5-7, 2015 in Washington, DC. The annual conference is one of the most important gatherings, where Dscoop members build partnerships, alliances and relationships that impact their business for years to come.

TGI President, Jack Glacken, was one of the founders and First Chairman of Dscoop. It started in 2005 with 250 members, and has grown to over 7,000 members worldwide with chapters in Asia Pacific and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative) is a worldwide community of visionaries from leading graphic arts companies and industry partners who collaborate by sharing ideas and information that drive industry-leading innovation and individual business growth through the use of HP digital print technologies. Dscoop is all about community: interacting with peers, exchanging experiences, sharing and learning best practices.

Jack Glacken, on why Dscoop was started, and how it has grown:

“Although HP had acquired Indigo and their amazing digital print technology near the end of 2001, there was a glaring need for an organization that connected HP, HP Graphic Arts Users and HP Partners. An organization that could provide a positive platform, where all parties concerned, could together brainstorm to create new opportunities in this fast growing sector of the industry.”

“ Ten years ago we had about 300 members at our first conference, we are now 7,000 members strong, Internationally. Dscoop membership now supports HP Graphic Arts users throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and Japan. More importantly, the cooperation I’ve witnessed between Dscoop members, even in the same marketplace, helping each other grow and tackle challenges, is remarkable. That’s why we started Dscoop, that’s what Dscoop is all about and I could not be more proud.”

Congratulations to Dscoop on 10 successful years! We are looking forward to seeing what this awesome organization has in store for the future, and are looking forward to celebrating 10 years at Dscoop X!

To learn more about Dscoop, visit www.dscoop.org

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Dscoop9 Campaign Uses Powerful Technology for Powerful Results

Dscoop9BreakTheMoldInspired by the theme for Dscoop9, “Break The Mold”, Dscoop is breaking the mold like never before in their marketing efforts for the Dscoop9 conference.

The marketing strategy for the conference calls for using variable data and cross-media tactics throughout all marketing materials in a way that is new to the organization’s marketing techniques from previous years.  Dscoop took into account things such as eye-catching design, highlighting HP Indigo capabilities and special effects, QR Codes, PURL campaigns, unique substrates, interactivity and more – all with the goal in mind of increasing engagement, awareness and ultimately, Dscoop9 registrations.  Further, the messaging in the campaign collateral is segmented which may not sound unfamiliar, but how they are segmenting the messaging really breaks the mold.

When discussing how to segment the campaign, the folks at Dscoop came to realize that no matter what industry their members serve, they are all facing the same broad business dilemmas and have shared interests. So, instead of segmenting by industry such as commercial printing, label and packaging or grand format printing, they focused their efforts towards the business role of the individual. This allows Dscoop to really merge all industries and focus on the big picture – not just in marketing, but also in the education sessions at Dscoop9.

Dscoop went through every job title or function in the database and assigned each into a segment. They chose the four most prominent/ frequent roles in the membership: Business Management, Sales and Marketing, Technical, and Operations.

Segmented messaging has been communicated throughout multiple channels in preparation for the conference, from web-to-print and mobile. The segmented messaging has created a highly interactive and engaging campaign for Dscoop9 attendees.

Here are a few examples in how they carried out the interactive segmented messaging:

Mail Piece:
A direct mail piece was created and will distribute in four variations, which include variable data for name, address and job title/function. Dscoop took the business roles and applied them to targeted messaging about the educational opportunities members might be interested in at Dscoop9. So if you were a CEO or department head, you would receive messaging around business management sessions that were recommended for you, and if you were in production management, you would receive messaging around operations, including logistics and workflow solutions. This targeted messaging will lead the recipient to look further into the educational events for him/her at Dscoop9. Be sure to watch your mailbox this week for this unique, interactive piece!

Dscoop’s January 2014 issue of the quarterly newsletter, themed around the upcoming conference, included the individual’s name and a PURL, which led to a personalized landing page. The landing page includes a very short questionnaire about networking preferences for readers to complete. Based off of these questionnaires, Dscoop will use feedback to build out some of the networking activities onsite at Dscoop9 – once again taking the approach so conference attendees can personalize their schedule to meet their own needs and interests

Mobile App:
New for 2014, Dscoop created a mobile app to allow Dscoop9 attendees to access a wide variety of information related to the conference: session, speaker and partner descriptions, all the Showcase information (maps, listings, Partner materials/resources), access to session materials in advance, as well as the ability to build a personalized schedule, connect with other attendees and complete and submit session evaluations.  The app will be a free download and it’s accessible for Apple, Android, Blackberry and web-based devices. You can sync your schedule across multiple devices. Connect, message and share schedules with your colleagues. You can view photos from the event, or upload your own to a live feed. You can also access Dscoop’s social media channels, and post your own event updates. This will help create an incredibly interactive experience for all Dscoop attendees that will have the potential to live far beyond the three days of the event.

Whether you are involved in sales and marketing, business management, operations or technical, Dscoop9 will have sessions tailored just for you. Dscoop has found their way to stand out, and by following their theme of Break the Mold, are leading by example. Dscoop9 is designed to inspire you to get ideas and create solutions that will help your company stand out from the rest. All the segmented and interactive data for the conference will surely create a great experience for attendees at Dscoop9.

We are anxious to see what Dscoop has in store for us at Dscoop9 in March, and are ready to Break the Mold!

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