Traditional Offset & Digital

Traditional offset printing offers superior quality and is the best choice for higher volume print runs. You won’t find many marketing solutions companies who know print the way we do. At TGI, we have a deep history in commercial print. We pioneered digital, short-run printing with partners like HP Indigo and Heidelberg before it became popular. And we’ve invested heavily in large format equipment that can produce anything from posters to building wraps.

When it comes to short- and medium-sized print runs, digital is the most effective method allowing you to produce what you want, when you want it. And you can tailor it to a targeted group of customers. It’s all about delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Whether you’re printing 25 or 2500 pieces, content and images can be customized by a database so the printed piece is even more relevant for the recipient.

Digital printing also allows for more effective print management. So, there’s no need for bulk ordering of printed materials and no need to dump out of date brochures.

At TGI, we eliminate the expense of wasted print materials by choosing the exact quantities you need. TGI is the only shop in the country to house two of the largest direct imaging presses.

Let TGI show you the flexibility of short runs and how easy it is to customize your messages to your audience.

Let us show you how our dedication to the short run market has allowed us to deliver the highest quality printed material with the ultimate in service and support.