Interactive Print

Add a new dimension to your printed collateral! Whether it’s a brochure, sell sheet or business cards, TGI can help your marketing come alive and achieve more in the process.

Interactive print helps bridge the gap between the analog and digital worlds. Scan a photo, type in a custom URL, or scan a QR code to engage the reader on a secondary platform.

Interactive print uses the power of smart phone and tablet technology to transport the reader from one platform to another. Done properly it is engaging and interactive. Add the benefit of providing relevant data to the mix and it’s a home run for marketers.

Personalize and Customize
Imagine scanning an image of a home for sale and taking a video tour of the house right on your iPhone or mobile device. Picture yourself typing in a URL and viewing product information targeted directly to you. Or think about yourself scanning a brochure with a photo of your service representative and instantly connecting with the rep on your smart phone device. All of these scenarios are possible and performed regularly at TGI.

Measurable results.
Who scanned your QR code and where? Who clicked on the link and visited your landing page? With interactive print technology you have the ability to know who is interacting with your brand and when.

TGI works closely with clients to see what information is beneficial to them and what information is relevant with their campaign objectives. Whether it’s simple analytics or sophisticated logic, TGI offers the most comprehensive solutions in the industry.