Marketing Portals

Introducing MarCore™- your all-in-one, eCommerce solution for better brand and asset management. Whether you need physical merchandise or electronic media, everything can be quickly and easily ordered all in one place. Click here to view/download our MarCore Brochure.

Implemented for marketing departments and corporate headquarters, MarCore™ Portals are:

  1. Fully customizable to your organizations’ needs and in your company’s look and feel
  2. Powerful marketing solutions that help facilitate and organize the distribution of branded marketing materials
  3. Cloud-based tools enabling administrators to enforce brand and compliance standards while allowing approved users to customize marketing materials quickly and easily
  4. Basic to robust ordering sites, containing promotional literature, business cards, brochures, and branded merchandise as well as customizable documents based on credentials and preferences
  5. Easily updatable with new products and information
  6. Preset with electronic media campaigns that integrate into micro sites, web banner ads, emails, and videos for ultimate impact
  7. Custom sites with corporate approved templates assure brand integrity and compliance

Learn more about how MarCore Portals can help streamline and simplify your marketing.


Made for Management:

  1. TGI’s MarCore portals have a robust administrative interface that gives you the ability to track and manage portal activity
  2. A central dashboard provides a snapshot of the top products ordered, an overview of items in queue, and a summary of order volume
  3. Budget balances and individual history give you the tools necessary to make sound marketing decisions
  4. Set rules based on the user titles, locations, specialties, or on budget amount and product selection
  5. Automated email notifications, alerting administrators of low inventory or product expiration dates, saving you from distributing outdated or non-compliant materials
  6. Powerful reports provide the tools necessary for budgeting and planning
  7. Easy to use and intuitive for all users – little to no training is required
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Improves Efficiency:

  1. Reduces administrative costs
  2. Automates processing of field, distributor, or franchisee requests
  3. Management reports with detailed order history for accurate analyzing and forecasting
  4. 24/7 ordering improves efficiency and response time

Assures Brand Integrity & Security:

  1. Provides one place for all company approved materials
  2. Password protected to control of who has access to your marketing library
  3. Custom configured storefronts turn your partners, franchisees, vendors, and suppliers into brand spokespeople


MarCore customized storefronts allow for integration with enterprise software solutions – DAMS, ERP, and CRM systems – such as SalesForce and SAP to better link customer data with personalized messaging. Create customized documents seamlessly using information stored in your CRM to communicate a more powerful message to your target audience. Export the data independently or deploy bilateral authentication to create a seamless information flow, eliminating the need to re-enter information and improve operational efficiencies.
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If you’re targeting a key demographic, MarCore also integrates easily with Accudata, a leading list management company, providing a quick and easy way to purchase lists on the fly. You can also set database parameters while providing end users the ability to generate customized lists.

Whether it’s CRM, data list, or cross media integration, TGI has vast experience creating and implementing APIs for multiple platforms. Let our dedicated team help you to determine the solution that best fits your needs.

Cross Media Module

MarCore’s advanced cross media module provides you with the ability to create robust integrated marketing campaigns that are easily accessible by your field representatives.
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With the click of a button, field representatives can launch integrated marketing campaigns, using six or more channels of communication. These pre-approved cross media campaigns may include a combination of:

  1. Direct mail
  2. Email
  3. SMS Messaging
  4. Social media
  5. Automated voice messaging.

You choose the channels, the messaging, and degree of customization and your field sales representative can control the release. Let TGI show you just how.