MarCore customized storefronts allow for integration with enterprise software solutions – DAMS, ERP, and CRM systems – such as SalesForce and SAP to better link customer data with personalized messaging. Create customized documents seamlessly using information stored in your CRM to communicate a more powerful message to your target audience. Export the data independently or deploy bilateral authentication to create a seamless information flow, eliminating the need to re-enter information and improve operational efficiencies.

If you’re targeting a key demographic, MarCore also integrates easily with Accudata, a leading list management company, providing a quick and easy way to purchase lists on the fly. You can also set database parameters while providing end users the ability to generate customized lists.

Whether it’s CRM, data list, or cross media integration, TGI has vast experience creating and implementing APIs for multiple platforms. Let our dedicated team help you to determine the solution that best fits your needs.