Made for Management:

  1. TGI’s MarCore portals have a robust administrative interface that gives you the ability to track and manage portal activity
  2. A central dashboard provides a snapshot of the top products ordered, an overview of items in queue, and a summary of order volume
  3. Budget balances and individual history give you the tools necessary to make sound marketing decisions
  4. Set rules based on the user titles, locations, specialties, or on budget amount and product selection
  5. Automated email notifications, alerting administrators of low inventory or product expiration dates, saving you from distributing outdated or non-compliant materials
  6. Powerful reports provide the tools necessary for budgeting and planning
  7. Easy to use and intuitive for all users – little to no training is required

Improves Efficiency:

  1. Reduces administrative costs
  2. Automates processing of field, distributor, or franchisee requests
  3. Management reports with detailed order history for accurate analyzing and forecasting
  4. 24/7 ordering improves efficiency and response time

Assures Brand Integrity & Security:

  1. Provides one place for all company approved materials
  2. Password protected to control of who has access to your marketing library
  3. Custom configured storefronts turn your partners, franchisees, vendors, and suppliers into brand spokespeople